WFH Essentials for Your Home Office Setup

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Working from home is here to stay! If your home is now also your workplace, dig into these WFH essentials to make sure your home office setup is on point.

The Productivity Tool Kit

WFH (work from home) isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so let’s lean into it! If you’re lucky enough to work in a capacity that allows you the space to do you work at home, it’s important to create a WFH environment that supports your efforts and your wellbeing.

Lucky for you I’ve been WFH for over 10 years and I’ve got a running list of essentials that keep my workspace highly functional, comfortable, and beautiful to boot.

Creating a Functional and Pretty WFH Setup

wfh essentials

It all starts with the basics! You need a place to be and a setup that supports your work. These basics will help you create a workspace at home, even without a large area or designated office.

Small Desk for Small Spaces. I love this IKEA desk for small spaces. There are two drawers and a cabinet, maximizing storage for a space-saver desk like this one. It’s clean and sleek, and serves as a perfect palette for your work day.

File Area and Drawers. If you need to expand a little and have the space, a small drawer and filing set is a great idea. This affordable combo piece matches the desk above, creating a cohesive look throughout your workspace. It also gives you a place to drop your files so that everything stays organized.

Shelves. Floating shelves are a great option for a little more organization space and adding personality to your desk area! I love these shelves with the gold arched brackets.

A Comfortable Chair. If you’re going to splurge on one item for your WFH office setup, I recommend it being your chair — especially if you tend to need to be at your desk for extended periods of time. A comfortable, supportive chair makes a world of difference. And this pretty blush-colored chair is comfy and beautiful!


wfh essentials

A work area that’s equipped with everything you need will help not only boost your productivity (have you seen my Productivity Tool Kit?), but make you happy to be there. Try some of my favorite, most-used desk essentials at your WFH setup.

A Pretty Mousepad. This mousepad is leather and cork (reversible), and the rectangular shape allows for a little extra latitude in using your mouse. If you like a mousepad with wrist support, this one would look lovely on a desk! Or if you want to go the DIY route, this DIY leather and gold mousepad is one of my all-time most popular posts.

Or a Full Desk Pad. If you find a mousepad annoying, try a desk pad! I recently discovered desk pads and I feel like it adds a lot of freedom to the way a desktop functions.

Desktop Organizer. A desktop organizer like this one adds height to your desk and a few more places to store supplies, books, photos, and more.

Wireless Keyboard. I can’t recommend a wireless keyboard enough! Having the flexibility to adjust and move your keyboard is key for comfort as you work. If you have an Apple computer, I love this one.

Supplies That You Love. No matter what type of office supply, get ones that you love! These ball point pens happen to be my favorite so I stock up whenever I see them. Maybe you have a favorite day planner, a pretty notebook, some great file folders — whatever it may be!

Laptop Phone Holder. When I need my phone close by, a laptop phone holder is so insanely handy! This one keeps your phone next to your computer screen so that you can field any incoming notifications.

WFH Essentials for Comfort

If you’re at home, you might as well be comfy! I rounded up my most-used items for comfort as I work from home.

Space Heater. Right around noon every day, my home office becomes freezing! I keep a cute space heater nearby to stay cozy while I’m working.

Slippers. Say goodbye to uncomfortable shoes and get on the slipper train! I have a pair of Birdies that I wear for WFH because technically they’re slippers but they’re so cute I would wear them out.

Foot Rest. My legs are short and I know the woes of not being able to comfortably rest your feet on the ground! This memory foam foot rest feels so good.

Lap Desk. For working from the couch or bed, a lap desk is a lifesaver! I love this one — it has a stopper for your laptop or tablet, a built-in mousepad, and a cell phone holder. (It’s cute, too.)

Quality Headphones. I highly recommend investing in some quality headphones if you’re on the phone or conferencing often! It helps with your sound quality if there’s a built-in microphone, too.


wfh essentials

Working from home can be a lovely thing if you create a home office setup that weaves self care into your daily life. Explore adding some of my favorites into your WFH setup.

Water Bottle. I often forget to drink enough water when I’m working all day, so this one with a timing marker helps me stay hydrated. I love the color, too.

Personal Humidifier. This never used to be something that I needed, but these days I love to have a humidifier on every so often. This one is small, cute, and very effective.

Hand Cream. I have kept this hand cream by my desk for the last 10 years! It’s the best I’ve found and smells so good.

Glasses (Or Blue Light Glasses). I always keep an extra pair of my Warby Parker reading glasses at my desk so they’re handy. And if you don’t wear reading glasses, I highly recommend blue light glasses. They’ve saved me from many a headache.

A Lovely Candle. This candle is the best candle in the world. But no matter what candle you choose, I love having one lit when I sit down for a long work session. It helps me sink into work and focus.

Tea Kettle and Your Favorite Mug. Every time I post this tea kettle, people go crazy! True, it’s beautiful — but I love the function even more. I drink tea every day but this would also be great for pour-over coffee.

Enjoy Your Home Office Setup!

I hope these favorites of mine soon become favorites of yours in your WFH setup! Leave a comment and let me know what you’ll be trying, or if you have any recommendations for others who work from home as well. xoxo

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  1. Great suggestions! My husband and I will be both be WFH this year and are in process of setting up an “official” office space. The link for the mouse pad with wrist support links to the blush chair. Would you be able to provide correct link (will save me searching!). LOVE the large mousepad and phone holder too!

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