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Best Modern Floor Mirrors

Choose your favorite from this roundup of the web’s best modern floor mirrors. If you’re looking to upgrade or switch up your interior decor, a mirror might just do the trick.

Master bedroom

Just a few years ago, finding a great modern floor mirror was a challenge. When I was searching for something for our master bedroom, I came up short.

I happened to work with a home decor company who had a rolling swivel mirror at the time, and I got one for our primary bedroom as a place holder (even though I didn’t love it).

Seven years later, it has become part of the scenery. I still don’t love it for a lot of reasons. Although, I guess technically it’s doing its job of reflecting. 😉

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Floor Mirror Challenges

Why don’t I love the rolling mirror? For one, it takes up a huge amount of floor space. All along I had been looking for something more sleek and simple, with a modern vibe.

Also, there are no locks on the wheels or on the tilt of the mirror so it’s kind of squirrelly, always shifting around (especially on a wood floor).

Finally, it has some ornate metallic scrolls on the base that have never been my vibe. They’re not ugly, they’re just not for me.

You can see it in the first photo in this post and also below.

modern floor mirror

Modern Floor or Full Length Mirrors

Luckily, even though it’s just over a handful of years later, the options for modern, simple, but cool floor mirrors are now plentiful!

I’ve been hunting around online to find a new mirror for our primary bedroom and I figured it would be best to share my findings here, in case you’re looking for one too!

modern floor mirror
  1. Tabitha Arc Mirror. These are some of the priciest of the bunch, but I wanted to include them here because I love the variation of sizes. There’s a vanity mirror and two floor mirror options (the wide one is really intriguing).
  2. Estelle Floor Mirror. More ornate than I would probably go, but I kind of love it too! Especially if your space has a bohemian vibe.
  3. Metal Framed Full Length Mirror. I kind of love the rounded corners on this one. It comes in gold, silver, and black and is pretty affordable.
  4. Arched Top Mirror. Most likely I’ll end up with another arched top mirror; I love the line and the simplicity of it. This one also comes in different edge finishes.
  5. Derrel Full Length Mirror. I love that lots of full length mirrors come with the option to lean them or hang them. This one looks kind of cute standing on its own.
  6. Cassie Mirror. This one would be really cute in a smaller area to maximize space! Cool and unique.
  7. Modern Arched Mirror. All in all, this one might end up being a winner for me. It’s affordable, looks quality, and it simple and clean. I would probably lean it against the wall.
  8. Large Rectangle Mirror. Love the width on this one! It makes it feel kind of luxe and could be great if you have a large wall space.
  9. Bennett Thin Wood Frame Mirror. The frame gets me on this one! Love the natural wood color and the size.

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Which is your favorite? I go back and forth between #7 and #9. Probably can’t go wrong either way.

If you’re looking for more home inspiration, here are a few of our past renovation and decor projects to get you thinking! xoxo

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