DIY Gold Pencil Necklace

Gold pencil necklaces have been the stuff of my dreams lately. They used to be a pretty popular accessory for ladies, which I think is so adorable. I came across a couple of vintage ones in an antique store recently, from the 30′s and 40′s. They were mechanical pencils and you could refill them with […]

Easter Egg Bonanza

I was taking an Eastery walk down memory lane this weekend and realized that I have quite the library of DIY Easter egg posts! I thought I’d revive a few of them in case you’re looking to get eggy this week before Easter. Follow the links to the individual posts and tutorials! Have a gorgeous […]

DIY Bunny Slippers

I’ve never had bunny slippers before! They totally make me giggle. And I thought they’d be cumbersome to wear, but these little bunnies are just as comfy as can be! And I think I figured out a way to make them that’s so simple even the anti-crafty folks will want to tackle this one. Here […]

DIY Easter Mini Cards

The mini cards strike again! It’s so fun to put out a new mini card design every so often, and I thought Easter would be a perfect opportunity for another little freebie. And this download is new and improved because there’s a fancy schmancy envelope liner that goes with it! It’ll just take you a […]

DIY Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Hey hey, Monday lovers! Hope you had a beautiful weekend! I have a special little golden something-or-other for you today. I felt like Veruca Salt making these gold eggs and I wanted a million of them. You can pop over and see the full tutorial right here, and make some of these gilded beauts for […]

DIY Cup Chandelier {And a $100 Giveaway!}

Summer is coming, and for me and my family & friends that usually means lots of get togethers! Sometimes we’re down and dirty, paper plate style, and sometimes we pull out all the stops and go fancy. For this particular celebration, Mr. Lovely and I found the perfect happy medium — Chinet’s Cut Crystal line. […]

DIY Geometric Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Over the last couple of years, washi tape has become my favorite go-to material when it comes to decorating easter eggs (remember these and these?). I still love dye and all that jazz, butĀ geez this is just so much cleaner and quicker — and you can make all kinds of really rad designs. So just […]