DIY IKEA Hack Geometric Wall Sconces

We are allll about the IKEA hack up in this piece. I swear, if you went through our house and asked us where we got all our stuff, most of the time the answer would be IKEA. That, and West Elm. But you gotta mix the high with the low, you know what I’m sayin’? […]

Easter Brunch Idea // Edible Flower Waffles

My love for waffles is growing deeper and deeper. It’s bordering on a Leslie Knope-type waffle love situation. Ever since Ryan got me a waffle maker for Christmas a couple of years ago we’ve been trying out recipes and eventually I realized I Instagram so many waffles I gave them their own hashtag. It’s been […]

DIY Printable Spring Calling Cards

I kind of love the idea of an old school calling card. People don’t do that any more! But how rad is it to be able to leave a classy little card when you stop by someone’s house? I had been wanting to put some modern calling cards together and had this idea of hand-drawing some […]

DIY Girly Planters

Guys, spring is definitely on the way here in California and I’m so excited about it. Trees are blooming, the sun is coming out to play, and I have the itch to freshen up a few corners of the house with fun spring touches! The other day I grabbed a few new plants and wanted to […]