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Make a Paper Flower Spring Centerpiece (And a Crazy Cricut Deal!)

I have been compensated by QVC to create this post. All ideas and opinions are my very own. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

Paper flower Cricut project

Paper flower Cricut project

Paper flower Cricut project

Paper flower Cricut project

One of the questions I get asked the most about crafting is this: Do you have a Cricut machine, and is it worth it? We have always done tons of Cricut projects here, and my answer to whether the machine is worth it is a hard-core, resounding yesI can’t tell you how many hours of cutting my Cricut machine has saved me over the years; if I had to estimate I would say it’s definitely triple digits. We used the Cricut to make a paper flower spring centerpiece and it’s another perfect example of how it can make projects go insanely fast! And for those of you who have been on the fence about getting a Cricut, I have crazy good news: there’s an amazing bundle deal through the end of March on a Cricut machine and a whole bunch of accessories!

Cricut machine

Just so you have an idea, the bundle comes with the mint Cricut machine, two rolls of vinyl, transfer tape, a shimmer paper pack (which we used for this project!), a Cricut pen, a weeding tool, a cutting mat, and the Cricut software (which contains a bunch of free designs and projects). It’s seriously a really great bundle of stuff if you’re looking to finally dive in and get started using the machine. You could make a whole mess of projects using just what will come in this pack. The bundle deal is currently on QVC and runs until the end of March. But hey. Let’s make something!

Make a Paper Flower Spring Centerpiece


Make Time: 1 Hour

Step 1: Download our flower stem and flower petal templates. Upload them into your Cricut Design Space as cut-only images. Start by adding the stems to a new project. Size the stems so that they are no taller than 10 inches on the long side.

Step 2: Load green shimmer paper onto your light grip mat. Set the dial to Custom and select shimmer paper on the Cricut Design Space software (this paper is thick, so these settings will create an extra cut to make sure it goes all the way through). Alternatively, if you’re working with cardstock, just set the dial to Cardstock. Cut out your stems!

Cricut machine cutting mat

Step 3: Once you’re done cutting the stems, weed out the excess paper. Then carefully pull the stems and crossbars from the mat. I like to place the mat face down, hold the cut piece, and then pull the mat away from the paper so that the paper doesn’t curl.

Step 4: Assemble your stems. Place two stem pieces back to back. Then slide the crossbar pieces into the slots on either side (each stem template has two extra crossbars just in case). This should leave you with a stem piece that stands up on its own.

Paper flower Cricut project

Step 5: Now add the flower petal template to a new project. Size these according to the size of your stems; we sized ours so that each flower was a little wider than 2″. Load the paper of your choice onto your cutting mat and put the machine on the appropriate settings. Cut out your flowers. Once cut, remove them from the cutting mat.

Step 6: Now add your petals to the stems! Each flower should have two stems pushing through the center slit (because your stems are back to back to make them stronger). Load all of your petals on and arrange the flowers on your table as a centerpiece!

Paper flower Cricut project

Step 7: Repeat until you have all of the flowers that you’d like.

Step 8: If you find that your flowers are toppling over, add a little bit of museum putty to the bottom of the stems, at the “x” of each crossbar. This will help stabilize the whole piece.

Paper flower Cricut project

Aren’t these insanely cute? They’d be really fun as individual placecards, too — just write your guests’ names on the base of the stems and place one by each plate. And the Cricut machine cuts these out in no time at all. I think all the cutting total took about 20 minutes.

So head over here if you’re interested in learning more about this crazy Cricut deal on QVC! The total for the bundle is $269.99 because it’s a Weekly Special Value (it’s a $55 savings from the regular price, which goes into effect again in April) with free shipping + handling through the end of March. (You could also do 6 easy pays of $45 each if it’s easer to spread out the cost.) One more little bonus: new customers get another $10 off if you use codeTEN4U! And if you’re wondering how else you could use your Cricut, click here for a bunch of our DIYs where I used it. The list is endless. Have fun! xoxo

Cricut Machine cutting

Paper flower Cricut project

Paper flower Cricut project

Paper flower Cricut project

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8 thoughts on “Make a Paper Flower Spring Centerpiece (And a Crazy Cricut Deal!)

  1. Yep, I’ve debated and debated getting that cutter……. ☺️ Didn’t realize it could do that much that quickly! Wow. Flowers are adorable!

  2. I love these! I’m wondering if you think it would be possible to do this without a cutter? I’m looking to decorate a table but I’m kind of on a Budget?

    1. Hi Sami! You could definitely cut these by hand — just download the file, cut one set, and trace it onto the paper you want. Then cut out the tracings.

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