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Ever wonder what exactly to pack for Disneyland? Check out our detailed Disney packing list, along with specific ideas for packing with kids and toddlers!

I can’t help it. When someone asks me a question about Disneyland my heart lights up like the dang Electrical Parade and I launch into a heartfelt diatribe about my favorite place.

So when a few people recently asked me what to pack for Disneyland, naturally I wanted to write a novel!

I guess a blog post will have to suffice. 😉

When it comes to what to pack for Disneyland, we’ve basically gotten it down to a science, between all of our trips and the fact that I used to be a cast member! So here’s exactly what you need to know.

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The Perfect DIsney Packing List

Now, keep in mind that this is what I bring with us for a day inside Disneyland or Disney’s California Adventure. Not included in this list is the rest of the things that we pack for the trip in general (i.e. toiletries, travel items, and so on). Below you’ll find a Disney packing list with everything that we bring with us into the parks to ensure a magical and easy day.

Clothing // What to Wear to Disneyland

I tend to stick to a Disneyland uniform for our whole family – some sort of character shirt, pants or shorts depending on the weather, comfy shoes, and a sweater layer for everyone. Here’s what we bring.

  • hoodie or jacket for everybody (mornings and evenings can get chilly)
  • for the kids, an extra pair of shoes if they tend to get blisters
  • Mickey ears, if you’ve got ’em
  • for toddlers, a change of underwear and pants, just in case
  • thin-folding blanket for covering up in a stroller or setting down to watch a parade
  • sunglasses for everybody

Toiletries to Bring to Disneyland

Part of my Disney packing list is a small pouch in our stroller or my bag that contains our necessities. Lots of these things can be found in the park for purchase, or for free in the baby care area. But I like to have our own on hand.

Technology to Bring to Disneyland

We don’t go heavy on tech, but a few items will help you have an extra-easy day!

  • smartphones (for adults)
  • extra charger to recharge your phone, especially if you’re using the Disneyland app or using your phone to take photos and document your day
  • camera with charged battery and empty memory card (if you’re a photo buff, otherwise use the camera on your phone!)

Can You Bring Food into Disneyland?

You can and you should! Definitely add food or snacks to your Disney packing list. No alcohol and no glass bottles. But otherwise, go for it! We always bring:

  • refillable water bottles
  • healthy snacks for both kids and grownups

We tend to eat breakfast before we arrive, bring our own healthy snacks, and then buy lunch and/or dinner in the park. We also splurge on a treat here and there (we’re partial to the popcorn and the Mickey pretzels).

No kidding, I once saw a mom of four teenage boys sit down and pull an entire lunch for her whole family out of her backpack (a whole loaf of bread and some chicken salad!). So on the meal front, do what works best for you.

You can definitely save some money bringing your own food. But I have to admit, it’s lots of fun to try the places in the park!

Should You Bring a Stroller to Disneyland?

Ahhh, the old stroller question. For us, with a 5 and a 3 year old, the double stroller is a necessity. Probably in the near future Henry will start walking more and strolling less, and we might downgrade to a single stroller.

If you’re bringing a double, make sure that it complies with Disneyland’s size policy.

One major plus for bringing a stroller is that you can store lots of your items in the stroller storage instead of carrying them in a backpack or bag. You can also cover a lot more ground if the little ones aren’t forced to walk everywhere (or you’re not forced to carry them).

If you don’t have a stroller but also don’t want to carry your stuff around all day, you can rent a locker in both Disneyland or Disney’s California Adventure, near the entrance inside either park. That way you can ditch your bulkier items and just have fun!

Deciding what to pack for Disneyland doesn’t have to be stressful! I’d love to know if you have any other necessities than the list that our family uses. Leave a comment with any questions that I can help you out with! xoxo

I was provided two media tickets to the Disneyland Resort from Disneyland Public Relations to be able to create this content and share it with you here. All ideas and opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links for your convenience. Thank you for your support!

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