diy travel map

DIY Travel Map

DIY Travel Map

Y’all know by now that Mr. Lovely and I are major travel junkies. Last year, he made me this for Valentine’s Day, and I just about died! We wanted to do a more detailed one that we could add to as we went along, so here we go! Grab your materials:

  • map of your choice (We went with just the U.S., and found our map at a stationery store.)
  • corkboard
  • spray glue
  • pins
  • spray paint in various colors

Cut your corkboard to the size of your map and spray glue the map to the cork.

Stick a batch of pins into a scrap of cork and spray paint. We decided on three colors — white for places he’s been, yellow for places I’ve been, and gold for places we’ve been together.

DIY Travel Map

DIY Travel Map

Let your pins and map dry, and start sticking! We had some pretty intense tour schedules when we were working on the road, so it took us some time to figure out. But we eventually got it! I think we’re planning on hanging ours on a bedroom wall for travel inspiration. I’ve just got 7 states to go until I’ve seen all 50! xoxo

DIY Travel Map

DIY Where I've Been Map

37 thoughts on “diy travel map”

  1. My wife and I did this on our wall too, on a huge cork board. Around the edges where the map doesn’t cover, we put pictures or post cards from our trips.

    They make actual map pins, which would work better. But we used the same pins you have used here.

  2. i think you’ve read my mind and have done an beautiful job!

    love how simple and pretty it looks!
    awesome way for me to visualize and finish off my bucket list!

    1. Hi Joe,
      The map was an old one that I’d been hanging onto for a while, but I’m sure you can order one on Amazon or someplace similar. This particular map is about 24″ x 32″.

  3. Wow this is awesome. I just bought myself a map, and I’m going to start to pin my vacations. What did you use to get the whole map and cork board to stay on the wall?

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