Two Cute Shirt Ideas for Your Next Disneyland Trip (with Free Patterns!)

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How to Make Disneyland T-Shirts
How to Make Disneyland T-Shirts

I’ve never been the kind of mom who dresses her kids to match. But I AM the kind of mom who makes a new t-shirt every time we visit Disneyland! (I feel like those two kinds of moms are totally kindred spirits anyway.)

We’ll be visiting the parks in September before our annual passes expire (all the sad tears), so I wanted to make the kids a couple of new shirts for the trip. So fire up your Cricut and grab the free downloads below, because here are two cute shirt ideas for your next Disneyland trip!

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Cute Shirt Ideas for Your Next Disneyland Trip

Up first, Henry’s snack shirt! He’s alllll about those park snacks when we’re there so I thought it would be cute to do a riff on the Helvetica List shirts that are everywhere now. (By the way, does anybody know where those actually originated? I went down an internet rabbit hole and couldn’t find the original source.) We switched up the font and design a bit, and listed all of Henry’s favorite snacks in the park. It’s pretty adorable.

For Mag’s shirt, I wanted to try out the Cricut holographic iron-on. I had never worked with it before but it looked so pretty! Just a heads-up about this stuff — I treated it like standard iron-on vinyl, but it’s much more persnickety.  Read up right here before you start so that you are sure you have all of your cutting settings on the machine properly adjusted, and that you know the heat transfer process well.

Materials for Making Disneyland Shirts

For our shirts, we found a simple little $3 tee for Henry at WalMart. Maggie’s peplum shirt is from June & January.

Step 1: Head to the Cricut site to get both of the designs. You can make Henry’s shirt here and Maggie’s shirt here. Choose the design and add it to your Design Space in a new project.

Step 2: Resize the design to the size that you’d like on your shirts. Bigger kids (or grownups!) will probably need the design a little on the larger side. If you’re working with the Mickey pattern from Maggie’s shirt, you can always duplicate the pattern to make it larger as well.

Step 3: Once your sizing is correct, get ready to cut. Place the vinyl face down on the cutting mat, and be sure that you mirror your image on the Cricut cut screen so that the words come out correctly if you’re making the shirt with text on it.

Step 4: Cut out the design and weed the excess away so that only the design remains on the sticky backing. Place the vinyl on your shirt, vinyl side down so that it sticks to the shirt. Use your Easy Press or a standard iron to iron on the vinyl material according to the instructions for your specific  material.

Step 5: Allow to cool slightly and carefully peel off the clear backing. Yayyyyy you did it!

Making shirts with the Cricut iron-on vinyl is seriously one of my favorite DIYs to do — I love that you can create exactly what you want, and that it’s so insanely affordable. One roll of the vinyl goes a long way, and if you can find a shirt for a few bucks you’re totally golden. And nope, this post ain’t sponsored, folks. I just seriously love it. Have you ever used their iron-on vinyl? xoxo

How to Make Disneyland T-Shirts
How to Make Disneyland T-Shirts
How to Make Disneyland T-Shirts

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