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While we’re getting used to being parents, I’ve invited a few of my darling blog pals to stop by and share a post or two with you! I’m so grateful for the awesome folks who have been helping out, and today we get to hear from Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel. Here she is!

xoxo Wallpaper and Printable Postcard

xoxo Wallpaper and Printable Postcard

Hey err’body! I’m happy to play the Lovely Indeed maternity game while Chelsea gets to snuggle up to the newest Mr. Foy! I just wish I could snuggle up with them! I love the babies.

Speaking of love! We’re entering the season of all things love-y and it’s only appropriate that you dress up every techie part of your life! “How?” you ask?

Why, with this easy peasy and pretty-in-pink downloadable wallpaper! It’s perfect for your laptop. It’s perfect for your phone. And it even makes a fun little print that you can turn into postcards and send to your loved ones near and far!

Simply download the wallpaper and print! In your print settings, change the layout so that you print 4 copies to a page. Once printed, cut, trim, and draw those postcard-y lines on the back.

Sign and seal with a kiss!


xoxo Wallpaper and Printable Postcard

xoxo Wallpaper and Printable Postcard

Illustration & Photography: Lexy Ward of The Proper Pinwheel

Thanks Lexy! For more adorable projects, sweets, and a good amount of charming sass, be sure to check out The Proper Pinwheel. And keep you eyes peeled for the unveiling of Proper, Lexy’s new site!

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