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October Map My Month

Download October’s Map My Month free guided journaling sheet to create a month filled with purpose, intention, and the things that matter to you. These printable worksheets help you focus on a specific, intentional goal each month.

october map my month

Happy October!

I think we can all agree, even though it might still be a bit warm out — October feels like time to fully embrace the fact that fall is on the way!

Mornings are crisp, pumpkins are popping up, and it’s such a lovely time to soak in the world.

And because it’s another new month, we’re back with a new Map My Month — a fresh downloadable journaling sheet for you to enjoy. I love to see how you’re all feeling Map My Month in action in your lives!

If you’re new to Map My Month, read on to find out what it’s all about. And if you’ve been participating all year, I hope you’ve been loving the exploration.

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Why Monthly Journaling Sheets?

Every January, we have that new year pump, where we’re so excited about the year that lies ahead. Everything feels so fresh and full of possibility.

I know I love that feeling, and plenty of people feel the same.

But what I don’t love is the whole “new year, new you” vibe that tends to surface every January as well. In my opinion, the you that you are is all you ever need to be, if that’s how you want it. No “new” version needed.

However, a new year also provides the chance to get into the mindset of a fresh start. It can be really so lovely and refreshing to find a mentality of being open to new possibilities, of being present, and of being intentional.

It also creates space for us to dream and grow. To look quietly inward and explore the genuine goals of our hearts, and to excavate our internal lives to discover what we truly want for ourselves.

october map my month

Map My Month

And that’s why I created Map My Month! It’s a series of journaling pages that create space to get into that mindset not just on January 1, but every single month. They’re a way to keep that spacious feeling of presence and intention, all year long.

It’s a way to practice some self care, to give ourselves that chance to reset, and find grace for who we want to be moving forward.

Each month, on the 1st, I create and share a free downloadable guided worksheet. (You can download it at the end of the post.)

The monthly prompts will be the same, but we’ll focus on a different prompt each month and really dive deep on one of them. It’s a way to look at each question in a new way, and perhaps discover something you didn’t realize about yourself.

I’m so excited to see how our responses shift and change over the course of the year.

october map my month

OCTOBER’s Focus: Reaching Out

In September’s Map My Month, we focused on reaching out. We took a look outside of ourselves and chose a person to reach out to, for any small or large reason.

This month, let’s talk about habits.

Take some time to focus on the prompt that reads: One small, positive habit to adopt every day this month.

I love this prompt. I think I love it because at first it feels really challenging.

But after you start to think about it, you might realize that it feels challenging because it can be scary to commit to doing something every single day.

So as you think through this one, I’d encourage you to think small. Drink an extra glass of water. Stretch for 30 seconds after you get out of bed. Send a text to your friend every single day.

These small, positive habits don’t have to be overwhelming. But you might find that even though it’s a small investment in yourself, you’ll feel a big shift in your every day. Maybe those small habits lead to other things for you.

october map my month

Download October’s Map My Month Below

    Here’s what to do next. Find a quiet space for yourself, and get into a mindset of openness and possibility. Go through the rest of the prompts on the worksheet, using as much time as you need.

    If you plan on participating in Map My Month each month, I suggest you get a binder or a folder to keep all of your worksheets in one place. You can look back at your progress and reference past months’ Maps to see how your year is progressing.

    You could even add it to your Intention Blueprints binder if you did those last year!

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    Have you been following along with our Map My Month series? I’d love to know whether this is your first, or if you’ve been participating since January. Either way, I think there’s so much to gain from a simple exercise like this one.

    Little investments in ourselves like this can encourage us to think in new patterns or explore new ideas. It’s a simple way to bring some intention into your months and to really feel like you’re present in your own life, which is a good feeling.

    Have fun! xoxo

    october map my month

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