Positive Affirmations for Rad Female Entrepreneurs

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Positive affirmations for female entrepreneurs

Give it to me straight: have you ever been on the affirmation bandwagon? You can call them affirmations, mantras, or positive self messages, but it’s generally the same idea. Affirmations are just simple, clear statements, declaring specific goals as though they have been completed. I completely admit that in the past I’ve thought that affirmations were a little too “woo-woo” for me, but I’ve been using them lately and I am sold. Because they’ve been so helpful for me, I compiled a list of some positive affirmations for rad female entrepreneurs, for you to try on for size.

How Positive Affirmations Help

I realized recently that I have been taking great care to invest in my physical health and the health of my business, but I hadn’t been tending to my mental state. I was developing habits that I wanted to change, so I started using affirmations to help retrain my brain away from those habits. Affirmations are sort of like working out for your brain.

Negative thought patterns exist in us all, especially as female entrepreneurs. How many times have you felt doubt creep in, or gone down a spiral of inadequacy or overwhelm? In those moments, an affirmation can stop your thoughts, turn them in a new direction, and train your mind to do that same thing again next time you start to spiral. They replace “can’t” with “can.” They open your mind to the idea that you are more capable, more resilient, stronger, and smarter than you believe you are. Because you are.

How I Use Affirmations

There are two ways I’ve been using affirmations that I’ve found so refreshing, clarifying, and fulfilling. The first is to choose a weekly focus affirmation. I choose something that is on my heart or something that is important to my business, and create an affirmation around that. I recite it out loud or in my head throughout the day, every day, for a week.

The second way I use affirmations is to have a small handful of them at the ready if I’m in a weak or fearful moment. One particular example from below is “I walk through fear toward the goals I have set for myself.” I say that in my head any time I need to make an entrepreneurial decision that feels overwhelming or scary. And I SWEAR it gives me a powerful feeling and helps me move forward.

Create Your Own Affirmations

We have a list below for you, but if you need an affirmation about something specific, make one! There are just a few guidelines.

First, write it in the current tense, as though your goal is completed. Second, write it in the positive, stating what you DO want (rather than what you don’t want). Keep it brief and specific, and make it pertain specifically to you. Without becoming too flowery, include a dynamic or emotional word that compels you in some way. (A great example of this is our first mantra below, “I have everything I need to be wildly successful.”)

And that’s it! Affirmations and mantras can be a beautiful, powerful experience. It’s such a radical act of self love to flood your brain with such positivity about yourself and your goals. We have our list below of positive affirmations for female entrepreneurs – hope you try some of these on for size! After you give it a try, shoot us a comment and let us know which ones speak to you and how your experience was. xoxo

Positive Affirmations for Rad Female Entrepreneurs

I have everything I need to be wildly successful.

I give myself permission to focus fully on what’s important.

Progress is a form of success; I celebrate small wins.

I walk through fear toward the goals I have set for myself.

I have inherent value and so does my business.

I am dedicated to creating a business and a life that aligns with my heart.

My work makes a difference.

I invest daily in myself and my business.

I contain an abundance of ideas and solutions.

Self-discipline is a precursor to success.

The life I am building is worth every effort.

I am the captain of this ship.

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  3. Wow, just stumbled upon this gem of a blog post and it couldn’t have come at a better time! 🌟 As a female entrepreneur navigating the twists and turns of the business world, these positive affirmations are like a breath of fresh air. Each one resonates so deeply, and I can already feel a boost in my motivation and confidence.

    The affirmations about resilience and embracing challenges hit home, especially when carving our path in traditionally male-dominated industries. It’s like having a supportive friend cheering you on, reminding you of your strength.

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    Sending good vibes to all the rad female entrepreneurs out there! 💪 Let’s conquer the world, one affirmation and therapy session at a time! ✨ #GirlBoss #EntrepreneurialJourney #SelfCare