January Intention Blueprint

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Download our January Intention Blueprint for a great month! Achieve goals, create a vision, & live intentionally every day.

january intention blueprint

Happy new year, lovely friends! If you’re new here, welcome. If you’re coming back, glad to see you. Either way, I’m so pumped you’re here. Thanks for starting your year with me.

During the last few weeks I’ve been doing some big thinking about what I wanted to do here on Lovely Indeed in the new year. What did I want the vibe to be? How can I best serve people? What do I have a heart to share and where are my efforts best used?

I came up with lots of ideas, but one of my favorite is something that’s starting today. Like, right here and right now. And I’m calling it our Monthly Intention Blueprint.

January 2020 Intention Blueprint

I think that we all do our best when we have clear heads, clear goals, and intentions that truly matter to us. (I talk a lot about all of that in The Productivity Tool Kit.) It’s so easy at the beginning of the year, right now, to call it a “fresh start” and begin the year with lots of energy and intention. But I’m guessing that all of that fades for many of us after a few weeks.

So. I realized that one way I can help and serve you, my beautiful/smart/incredible/amazing/all-the-things readers, is to help you reset each month. To view each month like a fresh start. And to set some really clear, helpful, actionable, and revitalizing intentions at the outset of every month.

That’s what we’re starting today.

At the start of each month, I’ll have a (totally free!) worksheet here for you to help guide your thoughts and create an Intention Blueprint for the following 30 days. Every month I’ll share a new set of thoughts, ideas, and questions to help you craft your own roadmap. What’s the purpose? To help you feel positive, create a life you love, live your days with intention, and reach your own goals.

Sounds rad, right?!

So. Do you want the very first one?!

Download the January Intention Blueprint

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Note: The printed images show the year 2020, but the Blueprints are always updated to the current year! Get the rest of the Blueprints here!

Here’s what to do next. Once I email you, download and print the worksheet. Get yourself a good cup of coffee (or tea, if you’re like me), get comfy somewhere, and go through the worksheet. If you plan on completing the Intention Blueprint every month, I suggest you get a binder or a folder to keep all of your worksheets in one place. You can look back at your progress and reference past month’s Blueprints to see how your year is progressing.

We also have this incredible illustrated version created by Megan Roy, which you can share on Instagram or download for your tech — so inspired by her artwork. If you share, tag #LovelyIndeedBlueprint so we can see ya!

January Intention Blueprint

I have to tell you, I feel really excited about this idea, and I’ll be doing my Intention Blueprints along with you every month.

And if you’re taking or planning on enrolling in The Productivity Tool Kit, the Blueprints are a perfect compliment to the work that you do in that course.

I’m so excited to see where this leads us and how it can shape our year. Will you join me every month? Let’s keep showing up for each other! xoxo

january intention blueprint
january intention blueprint

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