Make the Perfect Peter Pan Family Halloween Costume

Last year was Henry’s first Halloween where he could really tell us what he wanted to be, and somehow the stars aligned and he decided all on his own he wanted to be Peter Pan. I was over the moon! We couldn’t decide for a long time what the rest of us were going to be (Ryan was going to be Hook and Maggie was going to be Tinkerbell right up until the last minute), but once we decided to all be the kids it came together really quickly. I thought I’d share a quick outline of how to put together a family Peter Pan Halloween costume with Peter, Wendy, Michael, and John, because it’s such a slam dunk! Read on for our sources and tricks.

Felt hat made from this pattern | Green polo | Green leggings | Brown belt | Moccasins | Foam dagger

Nightgown | Blue slippers

Gray night shirt | Top hat | Stick umbrella

Pink jammies | Teddy bear

For Peter, sew a little hat using the pattern linked above. Get the green polo in a couple of sizes too large and cut the bottom of the shirt and the sleeves in a zigzag pattern. Get the leggings in a snug fit; let the polo fall over the leggings and belt the shirt. For the dagger, I just drew a little knife freehand on some craft foam and hot glued a few layers of the same shape together to make it thick. Put the kiddo in some moccasins and it’s a super easy Peter!

For Wendy, a long blue nightgown and some blue slippers are about all you need. If the nightgown is too baggy, tie a blue ribbon around the waist.

Michael needs a gray or white nightshirt, a top hat, and an umbrella with a hook on the end. Ryan wore some shorts under his nightshirt because he wanted a little more coverage. 😉

Baby John is easy! Pink jammies are all you need. We had a little teddy bear that I stitched onto the front of the jammies so it always looked like Maggie was holding onto the teddy.

That’s it! A super simple family Halloween costume that looks great all together but is totally comfy. This is one set of costumes that you could probably find lots of pieces for at a thrift store — just hunt around for similar-looking pieces and once you get them all together it’ll look cohesive. We had a great time putting this one together! xoxo

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