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Make a Sparkly New Year’s Eve Backdrop in Five Minutes

We’re back with more from our impromptu New Year’s Eve party! I mentioned in our printable New Year’s Eve hat post that we decided to do a NYE party last year at the very last minute. And all of a sudden we were full out decorating and going for it. But the cool thing was that it all came together super fast because the projects were so simple but really effective. Like this backdrop! I thought it would be fun for people to have a sparkly backdrop to take phone photos, so we decided to make a five minute New Year’s Eve backdrop. And no joke, if you have another person helping you install this, it will take five minutes to put up. Let’s do it!


gold fringe garland
silver fringe garland
• Scissors
• Masking tape

Step 1: Decide how wide your backdrop will be. Cut sections of each fringe garland to that length. We alternated silver and gold rows because I was just using what I had on hand. But you don’t have to use both colors if you prefer one or the other. For reference, our backdrop was almost 8 feet tall, and we used 13 rows of fringe.

Step 2: Starting at the bottom, tape your first row of fringe to the wall. You can start as low as you like – our first row was a few inches off the floor. Have one person hold the row of fringe up while the other person rolls out the tape and affixes the top of the fringe to the wall. Alternately, if you’re working by yourself, lay out the row of fringe, attach the tape to the top of the fringe, and then pick up the row and stick it to the wall. I recommend using a strip of tape at least every 5 inches. You could also just use one long strip of tape across the whole top of the row.

Step 3: Continue with the next row. Hang this one above and in front of the first. You should layer this row so that the fringe covers the solid, unfringed portion of the first row. Tape in place.

Step 4: Keep going! When you reach the top, instead of putting tape across the top row, roll pieces of masking tape back on themselves and stick them behind the top row. This will hide any ugly-looking tape and give you an easy finished look.

Now let your guests snap away! It was so fun to see everybody taking photos. And we got some gems. One of my favorite photos of all time is this one of Henry and his cousin Noah:

Printable New Year's Eve Party Hats for kids and adults

Bahahaha! They were having a ball. One thing to note: the fringe does tear somewhat easily, so if you have little ones you might not want to let them yank too hard on it. Maggie did a number on ours once she realized it would pull apart. Luckily the fringe is pretty forgiving and you can kind of hide any rips or tears under another layer.

Check out this post for all of our party decorations and a link to the printable party hats! Xoxo

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