Ombre Christmas Tree Decor


This Christmas tree is an absolute treat for the eyes! Here’s how you can create ombré Christmas tree decor in your home for the holidays.

DIY Ombre Christmas Tree

I love creating new themes for Christmas trees!

Pink mini trees? Check.

Holiday village trees? Check.

But this one was the tree that started it all — the ombré Christmas tree!

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DIY Ombre Christmas Tree

What is Ombré?

Ombré is a French word meaning “shaded.”

But for artistic purposes, ombré is basically the blending of one color hue to another — usually from light to dark.

Which is exactly what this pretty Christmas tree does!

Christmas Tree Ideas for Your Home

If an ombré tree isn’t your thing this year, you’re in luck!

We have a library full of ideas for different styles of Christmas tree decor. I’ve pulled together some of our most popular, below, just for you.

Be sure to pin or bookmark your favorites so that you can find them again easily when it comes time to trim the tree.

DIY Ombre Christmas Tree

Elements of an Ombré Christmas Tree

To create an ombré look on your Christmas tree, the easiest method is to keep it simple but very true to color.

I organized our tree into five distinct sections, each with a darker shade as they progressed toward the bottom of the tree.

If you have a larger or taller tree, you may want to create more sections.

Once you know how many sections you have, you know you’ll need a different shade or color for each section.

So for our five sections, the shades I used were white, pale blue, sky blue, teal, and deep aqua.

DIY Ombre Christmas Tree

Supplies You’ll Need

This tree only has three main types of decorations: ribbon, decorative picks, and glass ball ornaments.

You can absolutely mix in other items by grouping them together in like colors and working your way down the tree in sections!

Each different section contains items within its color palette — for instance, the top section has white balls, white ribbon, and white or silver picks. While the lowest section has deep teal balls, dark blue ribbon, and dark blue sparkly decorative picks.

DIY Ombre Christmas Tree
DIY Ombre Christmas Tree

Creating Custom Ornaments

The glass balls were a DIY project which you can find here. I love the finished look of these!

They turned out to be very fun, modern, and colorful — and I’m just totally into it.

I highly recommend checking out the DIY tutorial. It’s not a terribly challenging DIY but we learned a couple of tips along the way that were beyond helpful since we were painting so many.

DIY Ombre Christmas Tree

I hope this idea inspires you to add something creative to your holidays this year! xoxo

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