Halloween Loves Pink

In case you haven’t noticed, I just haven’t been feeling the whole orange and black Halloween vibe this year! And now that we’re only a few days away, I decided to present to you a few more pieces of evidence that Halloween totally loves color. Specifically: pink. Get inspired to tackle a few last minute Halloween projects this weekend before the big day, and think pink, y’all! xoxo

Pink Halloween

The pinkest, prettiest flamingo costume in town.

Technicolor balloon-dipped mini pumpkins.

The costume might not exactly be pink, but it’s the sweetest (get it?!) dog costume ever.

Drink something fuchsia out of test tube shot glasses at your Halloween party! (Bonus points for dry ice.)

Mini eyeball donuts would probably look pretty good on your refreshment table, too.

Bat bows! Brilliant!

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