Why Do You DIY?


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Hey kittens! Cruising by with a quick question for you today: Why do you DIY?

On our last survey, bunches of you gave us the feedback that you come to Lovely Indeed for the DIY projects. But I didn’t ask you why you like to make things! Duh. I’d love to know what inspires you to DIY so that we can really bring you tutorials that are meaningful and useful in your life (not to mention fun, obviously!). So what’s your reason? Maybe you like to create things that you see in stores but way cheaper, or maybe you just can’t find the exact right thing that you’re looking for so you make it. Or maybe it’s just for the joy of doing things with your hands and having the satisfaction of knowing that you made that thing hanging on your wall. Whatever it is, we wanna know! You’d be doing us a super solid if you left a quick comment with your thoughts. Have a good one! xoxo

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  1. I have an office job that requires zero creativity, so diy and crafting are there to help me keep my sanity. I also really love that moment when you look onto your finished project thinking “Wow! I did it myself!”.

    1. ? I have so much respect for office workers! and I completely agree — it’s so gratifying to see a project finally finished! xo

  2. I DIY for a few reasons…mainly because I just love to make things with my hands and to try something new! I also love having items in our home that are unique and tell a story. Every large piece of furniture we have is either repurposed or a DIY. It makes our home feel like US – and it is always evolving 😉


  3. This is a great question – and honestly one I didn’t think about much although I LOVE DIYing! I think it’s the pride in doing something on your own that’s a lasting reminder in your home that you can do hard things.

  4. I grew up in a DIY family, so it’s in my blood going way back to the spray painted Styrofoam macaroni Christmas trees I crafted with my mom and sisters! I also think completing a DIY project is meditative for me and it’s a way to focus all of my energy on something productive and meaningful.

  5. Awesome question! I’ve been DIYing as long as I can remember, mostly to save money 🙂 But I get so much more out of it. It helps me feel more creative, I’m proud when I can say I made it myself, and I love taking on the challenge of DIYing rather than buying something even if I can afford it.

    Enjoy that baby sweentess!!

    1. Yes, yes, and yes! Homemade DIYs inspired by something that can be purchased are always the most gratifying!

  6. I think the main reason is that I enjoy it so much. If I’ve made something for someone, they’ve always been so appreciative that I took the time to make something just for them. If it for me or for my home, I like that it something unique and personal. I also just love learning something new.