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Huge Freebie! 12 Months of Intention Blueprint Downloads

Download the Intention Blueprint for 2023 and use these guided journal pages to feel present and intentional this year.

January 2020 Intention Blueprint

Friends! I have a huge gift for you!

I loved putting together last year’s Intention Blueprints so, so much. And I loved even more hearing from you when a particular month helped you or really resonated with what’s going on in your life.

But I know that if you weren’t following along last year, it’s hard to download them all because each month in a separate blog post.

Twelve Months of Intention Blueprints, Downloaded All At Once!

So I decided to create a mega-download of all twelve Intention Blueprints, so that you can get them all at once and have them ready every month.


See, I’m all about streamlined, heartfelt, simplified productivity. And if I can streamline this process to make things easier for you then I’m all about it.

(You can find the downloads at the bottom of this post.)

How to make a capsule wardrobe for moms

Speaking of productivity…

And speaking of productivity, I have a whole bunch of posts in the archives about that very topic.

But not, like, the tired brand of productivity that’s all about doing more, grinding, hustling, and burning yourself out.

The type of productivity that I value is the type that helps me sort through the things that really matter to me, and then make space to do those things well.

In fact, I wrote a whole digital course on that very thing, which you can learn more about by clicking the button below.

If that’s not your speed, just check out some of these blog posts and free resources I’ve created. They’re designed to be useful to you in specific, tangible ways that will hopefully make your days feel wonderful.

Download All 12 Intention Blueprints Here

So if you’re loving the idea of getting all of the Intention Blueprints in one place, here you go! I hope they help you meet yourself right where you are and create days that feel really good.

Get your Blueprints below! xoxo

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