Golden Irish Mule St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail

Golden Irish Mule St. Patrick's Day Cocktail

Golden Irish Mule St. Patrick's Day Cocktail

I’ll admit it — I have approximately zero Irish in me. I can claim a little bit by marriage, but even my husband isn’t too tied to his Irish roots. But something we do love? Irish whiskey. And if there was ever a day to use it, I’m pretty sure it’s St. Patrick’s Day. So we got a little creative and made you a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail that you can whip up on March 17th (or any time, let’s be real)! We’re calling it the Golden Irish Mule, and it’s the prettiest little St. Patrick’s Day drink I’ve seen. Spoiler alert: there are edible gold flakes in this beauty, guys. And if that’s not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, then I don’t know what is!

I have to say, I’m pretty partial to the edible golden ice cubes in our Irish Mule cocktail recipe, but you also need to see what’s at the end of this post. We collaborated with some of our favorite online mixologists to create a whole menu full of St. Patrick’s Day drinks, with every spirit that you could ever want on St. Paddy’s day (I’m talking whiskey, Bailey’s, Guinness, and more!). So keep reading for our Golden Irish Mule St. Patrick’s Day cocktail, and click through the rest of the drinks down below as well.


Gold Leaf Ice Cubes for St. Patrick's Day Cocktail

Golden Irish Mule St. Patrick's Day Cocktail

The Best Ginger Beer for Mule Cocktails

Before we get into the actual recipe, it’s probably smart to talk about ginger beer. For me, it’s the ultimate cocktail mixer. I love ginger beer with just about any liquor, and you can dress it up in so many different ways. I think that the specific ginger beer can make or break a cocktail, and for our Golden Irish Mule, I really like Reed’s Ginger Beer. We find ours at Trader Joe’s, but it’s also on Amazon. I like it for this cocktail because it’s not overly spicy but still very flavorful, and it plays with the whiskey just perfectly.

Make Ice Cubes with Edible Gold

Now let’s get the gold going!  Start by making your golden ice cubes. For larger ice cube trays, place one sheet of gold at the bottom of each mold and gently fill with water. For smaller trays, fill with water first and place the gold sheets on top of the water so that the gold grabs on. Place trays in the freezer until thoroughly frozen.

A note: you’ll find a basic silicone mold for your ice cubes right here; these are square-shaped molds and work just fine. But a quick search on Amazon will turn up silicone ice cube trays in a zillion different shapes and sizes, so if you want some fun custom ice for your edible gold, look around a bit. In fact, here’s a silicone mold with shamrocks, pots, and leprechaun hats if you really want to go all out.

Golden Irish Mule St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail

You ready for that drink?

Once frozen, add a few golden ice cubes to a rocks glass. Over the ice, pour one oz. Irish whiskey. Fill with ginger beer and squeeze in half a lime. Garnish with a lime wedge. As the ice melts, expect to see lots of golden flecks floating around in your cocktail!

Golden Irish Mule St. Patrick's Day Cocktail

Golden Irish Mule St. Patrick's Day Cocktail

Golden Irish Mule St. Patrick's Day Cocktail

Cheers, my dears! Hope you enjoy this cocktail recipe in good health (and safely, and only if you’re over 21 😉 ). Be sure to check out more St. Patrick’s Day cocktail and drink recipes below! xoxo

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