Finding a Kitchen Runner Rug

A kitchen runner rug is a colorful, fun, and functional addition to your space! In a search for our own kitchen runner rug, I found ten colorful and bold patterned options you’ll love.

Ever since our renovation in 2016, I’ve felt like the kitchen has remained unfinished. All of the major stuff was completed, but I never really addressed the details and styled the space in a way that I loved.

One thing that bugs me is that it’s a big space with very minimal color. Aside from the wallpapered accent wall, it’s very neutral. Check it out:

renovation mistakes

Wouldn’t that area look great with a pop of color or pattern running down the center?!

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Adding Accents and Color To a Home

To add some context, here are a few other spaces in our home. We’re not afraid of color and pattern, and I love to have something special or unexpected in every room.

Sometimes that means tile, sometimes paint, and other times it’s art. Here are a few examples:

Ten colorful Kitchen Runner Rugs

In my search to add some color to the kitchen, I found a whole bunch of really fun kitchen runner rug options. Here are some for you to enjoy, too!

Have fun. xoxo

kitchen runner rugs

1 Pink Blush Vintage Rug. I love how this one is asymmetrical with the color placement. And the colors themselves are incredible! The tiny pop of orangey yellow is just right.

2 Sabrina Runner Rug. A little more buttoned-up, but I feel like this could soften the space a little. This one also comes in a few different colors.

3 Yuna Vintage Moroccan Runner. Vintage rugs are such a cool addition to a space — unique and unexpected. I love that this one could complement a few different spaces — hallways, kitchens, laundry rooms, living rooms.

4 Hand Knotted Moroccan Wool Rug. The color of it all! This Moroccan rug also has such a lush texture.

5 Black and White Runner. No color here but something in the irregular pattern and texture really speaks to me. It wouldn’t solve our lack-of-color problem, but it would soften the space.

6 Uudo Vintage Moroccan Runner. Loving these cool colors together. I also think the strong diamond pattern is so stricking.

7 Novogratz Jem Rug. I feel like this one could add some airiness to a space and pull it together. Terrazzo is very happening right now!

8 Geometric Boujad Rug. I don’t think this one is the right size for our space but I sure wish it was! I love the color palette and how it’s worked into the pattern. It might be my favorite of them all.

9 Boujad Runner Rug. Or maybe this one is my fave?! This goldenrod color makes my eyes so, so happy!

10 Starry Night Vintage Azilal Rug. I don’t usually go for a purple/blue color palette but this one is so striking.

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