10 Easy and Affordable Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

Photo booth backdrop ideas are such a fun addition to parties, showers, weddings, and photo shoots! We’ve been making some of the internet’s favorite backdrops since 2010, and now we’re rounding up our favorites. Check out these easy and affordable photo booth backdrops to add some fun and color to your photos.

How to make a photo booth backdrop out of streamers

Ten years ago, I made my first photo booth backdrop using a broom handle, some twine, and some tinsel. I shared a DIY here on the blog and realized two things. First, I loved making photo backdrops and using them for fun photos. And second, you all loved it too!

And the rest is history.


I started think of every easy, fun, affordable way I could to create colorful and unique photo backdrop ideas here on Lovely Indeed. Now we have a huge library of so many backdrops to use, from parties to photo shoots and more!

So while you can see our entire library of photo backdrops here, I wanted to round up our most popular and my most favorite. This list has the backdrops that people have loved recreating, and the ones that I feel are the most bang for your buck when it comes to cost and ease.

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What Makes a Good DIY Photo Backdrop?

There are a few elements that go into creating a really great photo backdrop. To me, they need to stand up to a few tests!

Is it sturdy? This is a top-tier concern, because you definitely don’t want to create something that will fall apart in the middle of your party or photo shoot.

Most of our photo booth backdrops are created on previously existing walls, so there’s little danger of falling over. Be sure to read through any DIY notes on the adhesives or methods of attachment we recommend to ensure that elements of your photo backdrop don’t fall off.

Is it affordable? I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to make something that looks amazing. Take a peek through our library to get inspired about different kinds of materials you can use that you probably already have around your house.

Is it easy? I also don’t think you need to be a DIY genius or design professional to make a photo booth backdrop that’s beautiful and cool! The tutorials I’ve included here are full of simple techniques that anybody can do.

Is it fast? None of the photo booth backdrops I’ve rounded up here take more than an hour to make! So you can get it done in a jiffy and move on to the fun stuff — the party and the pictures.

10 Easy and Affordable Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

And now, without further ado, our 10 favorite photo booth ideas and how to make them! Enjoy! xoxo

Crepe Paper Streamers

How to make a photo backdrop out of streamers

Our most popular and most recreated photo booth idea ever is this simple crepe paper streamer backdrop! You can make it for a few dollars in a few minutes.

We’ve seen this one made in all kinds of various colors and patterns, and it’s a slam dunk every time. So easy and fun to create!

Parade Float Style Backdrop Idea

how to make a tissue paper backdrop for parties

This tissue paper backdrop is one of the few we’ve created that uses an actual backdrop stand rather than a blank wall. It’s perfect for weddings, showers, birthdays, and lots more. Click here for a link to the exact backdrop stand that we use.

I love this one (out of all our backdrop ideas because it’s reminiscent of the classic parade float style of stuffing tissue paper into chicken wire. It makes for a very full, fluffy look.

Metallic Fringe

How to make a 5-minute new years eve photo backdrop

This shimmery gold and silver tinsel backdrop is our go-to for New Year’s Eve! Guests love to take selfies in front of it. And you can reuse the materials year after year.

While it’s great for New Year’s Eve, I’ve also used this idea for milestone birthdays, showers, graduations, and more.

Crepe Paper Trails Backdrop Idea

DIY Crepe Paper Wall Photo Backdrop

Colorful crepe paper makes a pretty rainbow photo backdrop that’s super easy to recreate! You just need crepe paper and glue dots.

This crepe paper, though, is the extra-thick kind. It gives this project a very textural, sculptural look.

Tissue Paper Flowers Backdrop Idea

DIY Scattered Flowers Photobooth Backdrop

These tissue paper flowers make a pretty photo backdrop for so many events! You can put this one together in less than an hour, for the cost of a pack of tissue paper and some double-stick tape.

I love this idea for baby showers, weddings, spring celebrations, and other happy events. It would also be a perfect photo backdrop for baby pictures!

Carnival Tickets

This backdrop made from a roll of tickets is so fun and easy! I love using it at kids’ parties, especially if you have a movie, circus, or carnival theme.

This is one of our backdrop ideas that would also be great for product photography! It lends a really fun, summery feel to the photos and packs a punch of color.

Quick and Easy Balloons

What’s more fun than balloons?! This DIY balloon backdrop checks all of our boxes – easy, fast, affordable, and colorful!

The balloon backdrop ideas would also be incredible for kids parties, carnivals, festivals, and more! Or just set it up for a special birthday photo shoot.

Post-It Notes Backdrop Idea

Post-It Notes make the perfect material for photo backdrops because you don’t need a single other supply! Check out this easy tutorial on how to get your Post-Its perfectly even.

How fun would it be to create this in a classroom for school photos?! I also love this idea in a workspace or for graduation photos.

Vintage Vinyl

Here’s another idea that you can reuse over and over – a vinyl record backdrop! It’s all about how you adhere this photo booth backdrop to the wall, so check out the secret here.

Using records for this backdrop is totally unexpected but very cool. You can create this so that it’s removable, or you could do this as a permanent decor installation. How amazing would this be in a music lover’s home?

Botanical Boho Backdrop Idea

DIY Faux Botanical Photo Backdrop

For something a little more boho, try a living wall! This botanical backdrop is so pretty and so simple.

I used this pretty boho idea for some impromptu maternity photos. It would also be so pretty at a baby or wedding shower!

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