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Gahhhhhh I love this one! It’s like a disco party in my house. I dont want to take it down. And to be completely fair, it was Mr. Lovely’s idea! He’s way into vinyl these days, and he suggested his growing collection as the perfect material for this month’s photobooth wall. My man rocks.


Make Time: 30 minutes

Assemble the wall hooks by putting the sticky part on the back of the plastic hook. Put a tiny hook through the center of a record, peel off the sticker on the other side of the hook, and affix to the wall according to the directions on the package.



Get the first row up on the wall and ensure that it’s level. We used the buddy system and I eyeballed it while Mr. Lovely hung the records. Super scientific, we are.




Once the first row is up and even, apply the second row in the gaps of the records from the first. Continue until you’ve reached the bottom. We made 5 rows of records, alternating between 6 and 7 records each.


Set up your camera and snap away! You might have to test out your flash on this one and be sure it doesn’t make a crazy reflection on the records. Or if you like a crazy reflection and you’re psychedelic like that, rock on. xoxo






32 thoughts on “Photobooth Factory // Record Wall”

  1. Your man has a doppleganger in Roanoke, VA. I had to do a double take as he looks almost exactly like someone I know. That said, the wall is amazing! My boyfriend may want to do this in his office – he’s a musician – for everyday decor.

  2. do you have photography studio in your own house?really?what is the model of your camera?what else instrument you use for photography other than camera?
    your photos are incredible
    im mahbbobe
    im iranian

  3. I did this about a year ago in my bedroom, and II STILL absolutely love it! I get sooo many compliments and it’s a great background for selfies :p. Lol. Glad to see other’s have the same style and ideas as I do:)

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