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DIY Crepe Paper Wall Photo Backdrop

DIY Crepe Paper Wall Photo Backdrop

DIY Crepe Paper Wall Photo Backdrop

DIY Crepe Paper Wall Photo Backdrop

I used to think all crepe paper was created equal. In fact, I used to think the only type of crepe paper that existed was the kind that comes in streamer form at the party store. But no, my friends. No. The real deal is actually so thick and gorgeous and comes in sheets of any color that you can imagine. We teamed up with Paper Mart to try some of their crepe paper and oh my gosh this stuff is just a paper lover’s dream. I truly couldn’t decide on my favorite colors so I schemed up a project that would just use… all of them. 😉 This DIY crepe paper wall photo backdrop is a gorgeous installation in and of itself, but read on for a few recommendations of how you can put it to good use!

Since we’re on the subject, here’s another type of crepe paper photo backdrop that’s our most popular post ever!

By the way, do you use Paper Mart for stocking up your supplies? It’s pretty much a one-stop-shop for anything paper, party, and packaging related. I love their boxes, too — they come in all shapes and sizes (we used a bunch of their containers for this post a while back). But while I could sit and sing their praises all day long, I know what you’re thinking: Get to the DIY already!


Make Time: 2 Hours

DIY Crepe Paper Wall Photo Backdrop

Step 1: Cut your crepe paper into 3″ wide strips. I really like using the paper rather than the streamers for this project because it’s thicker and accentuates the ruffled look of the project.

Step 2: Starting at the top of your blank wall, affix the end of a strip to the wall using a glue dot. Place another dot about 5″ away on the strip of paper and affix that point to the wall as well, leaving a little slack in the paper to create a ruffle.

Step 3: Repeat the process, weaving your way around the wall with your various colors. It’s not a difficult process but you can definitely get fancy with your patterns and color placement. So be creative!

Step 4: Add crepe paper until your backdrop is the desired height and width.

In case you’re curious, the specific colors we used were pink, dark pink, light pink, yellow orange, peach, gold, green tea, limon, peacock, light blue, iris, and lavender — you can find them all on this page. And how would you use this beauty?! I think it could be gorgeous as a backdrop for monthly baby photos or family photos, or as a backdrop for a dessert table at a party. Or can you imagine a whole wall of it as a backdrop at a wedding? That would be the ultimate! The possibilities are endless, guys. Happy ruffling! xoxo

DIY Crepe Paper Wall Photo Backdrop

DIY Crepe Paper Wall Photo Backdrop

DIY Crepe Paper Wall Photo Backdrop

This post is sponsored by Paper Mart. All ideas and opinions are my very own. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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7 thoughts on “DIY Crepe Paper Wall Photo Backdrop

  1. I LOVE Paper Mart. I actually just placed an order because I needed bubble mailers for my *COUGH* new pencils and I noticed they had IRIDESCENT ONES. OMG. I can’t wait to get them!

  2. What a fun idea! This would be awesome for a dessert table backdrop. Paper Mart rocks. Also, your littles are the cutest!

  3. The colours are so subtle in this range of crepe paper. would be ideal for creating a backdrop at a kids party.

  4. I love all items of paper mart’s best company which gives the eye-catchy results but now I’m buying from Packze is also top company provides the beautiful and elegant crepe paper.

  5. Approximately how much paper did you use? How large is the area covered? I’d love to make my own version of this for an open house for the retail store I work for, but I’d need to know how much to order.

    1. Hi Mandie! The area we covered was about 5 feet wide by 8 feet tall. The rolls we used were about 19″ wide and 8 feet long. We used 11 different colors, and for each color we used about half the roll. Hope that helps!

  6. Yep, yep, & yep! Crepe paper crafters will absolutely love Paper Mart’s premium extra heavy colored crepe paper! We use it all the time and it’s actually still really affordable. Keep up the great work!

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