DIY Paint Pen Patterned Office Containers

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DIY Paint Pen Patterned Office Containers

DIY Paint Pen Patterned Office Containers

DIY Paint Pen Patterned Office Containers

I’m a doodler from way back. I have notebooks full (yes, I totally saved them) of pages and pages of doodles in between my high school and college class notes. I can’t bear to throw them out!

There was some serious art going on there, people. Patterns and sketches and lettering and all kinds of fun stuff. Now that I’m a grownup (…right) I’m still a fan of doodling but I’ve moved onto cooler mediums than my old ballpoint pen.

These handy dandy Painters, for example, are just the right thing for doodling some cool patterns on these little tubs I picked up in the Target Dollar Spot recently.

I was overflowing with office stuff and I figured since we’re doing some grownup back-to-school projects, I should be getting myself organized! So these paint pen patterned office containers were born and I love ’em to pieces.

Beautiful + Brilliant HOme Office DIYs!

Psst — before we dive into the DIY, I wanted to cherry-pick a few posts that answer some of our most often-asked questions about the way we organize our home studio workspace.

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  • Painters in fine tip
  • containers for your office stuff (the Painters contain acrylic paint and will work on just about anything — plastic, wood, glass, metal, fabric, and more!)
  • washi tape

Make Time: 15 Minutes per container

DIY Paint Pen Patterned Office Containers

Step 1: Wipe down your containers to be sure they’re free of dirt or debris.

Step 2: Prep your Painters. Shake well with the cap on, then remove the cap and press the tip on a clean, dry surface until paint begins to flow.

Step 3: Start doodling some fun patterns! If you’d like a block of color behind your patterns, begin by taping off a section of your container with washi tape.

Step 4: Fill in the taped section with a paint pen. Remove the washi so that you have a block of color.

Step 5: Begin drawing in your pattern. I recommend starting at the top and working your way down, to avoid smearing the paint as you work.

Step 6: If you’d like to layer your paints (like in our triangle pattern), be sure the first layer is dry to the touch before you layer more paint on top of it.

Step 7: Allow all paint to dry thoroughly, fill your containers with office supplies, and enjoy!

DIY Paint Pen Patterned Office Containers
DIY Paint Pen Patterned Office Containers

These little tubs have been so helpful lately as I tackle DIY projects in our studio; it’s so awesome to be able to just grab all my paintbrushes or pens and have them handy. And i’m loving using the Painters for more projects here and there! They’re even perfect for paint touchups on furniture pieces that get scuffed and household stuff like that. Next up I’m planning on updating a few picture frames with these bad boys. I’ll keep you posted on that one!

Now if you need to to a little organizing yourself, there’s a monthly contest between now and December where you can make your own creations using Painters; each monthly winner will get a prize valued at $500! The Style by Aisle with Painters Contest will have a different theme each month (this month is School, Office, Electronics, and Fitness). Submit your homemade creations to, where you can also download a coupon for Painters products. Go to the website to learn more! If you enter, be sure to share on social with #StyleByAisle and #PaintersStyle so we can all check out your projects! xoxo

DIY Paint Pen Patterned Office Containers
DIY Paint Pen Patterned Office Containers
DIY Paint Pen Patterned Office Containers

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