September’s Lovely Girl // The Refined Rebel

Each month we feature a new Lovely Girl, meant to inspire you to explore the zillions of ways you can live a lovely life. These gals are based on real-life lovelies that we know and adore, and are illustrated by none other than the super-talented Lindsey! August‘s Lovely Girl is inspired by one of our very favorite Refined Rebels in the blogosphere. Can you guess who?

September Lovely // The Refined Rebel

Don’t let the pink hair and tattoos fool you — you won’t find the Refined Rebel at a punk rock show any time soon. She may have a personal style that pushes boundaries, but that’s not nearly all that defines her. In fact, the Refined Rebel is by definition a dichotomy. One day she’s adding to her tattoo collection, and the next she’s adding to her collection of vintage tea cups. You’re just as likely to catch her listening to a new indie album as you are to a 60’s girl group. Because if there’s one thing this girl knows, it’s her own mind. And she’s made it up that the world is a beautiful, colorful, vibrant place — as long as you have the courage to be yourself.

September Lovely // The Refined Rebel

Dress. Nail Polish. Ring. Sunnies. Headphones. Knitting Needles. Flats.

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