DIY Giant Chocolate Gift Boxes


DIY Giant Chocolate Gift Boxes-6

Our girl Kara is fully in the Valentine’s Day spirit with these fun giant chocolate boxes! And she’s got a secret trick up her sleeve for creating them that makes it an absolute snap. Here’s Kara!

What goes together better than Valentine’s Day and chocolate? Nothing I tell ya! And giant chocolate? Well, that’s just perfect! Now these DIY giant chocolate gift boxes may not be made of real chocolate (oh how I wish they were!), but they sure do look good enough to eat. They are the absolute perfect way to wrap up your Valentine’s gift for any loved one. And they are surprisingly easy to make too. No fancy craft supplies needed. So grab a paint brush, paint, and your glue gun and lets get crafting.


  • Paper mache boxes
  • Chocolate brown acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Hot glue gun

Make Time: 1 hour
DIY Giant Chocolate Gift Boxes-6

Step 1: Use the hot glue gun to make chocolate swirls, curls, and drizzles on the lid of your paper mache box and let dry. For these three boxes I went with sprinkles for the white chocolate, drizzle for the dark chocolate, and a swirl for the milk chocolate.

Step 2: Paint the boxes with your chocolate colored paint. Let dry.  Repeat with a second coat of paint. For the sprinkle box, I painted the box with two coats of creamy off white first and then came back with colored acrylic paint and a small paint brush and painted just the raised hot glue “sprinkles”.

Once dry, your boxes are ready to fill will all sorts of gifts. Even lots and lots of chocolate! Ha!

DIY Giant Chocolate Gift Boxes-6

Now if that is not one of the easiest and cutest Valentine’s Day crafts, I don’t know what is! And you better believe I would love to get my Valentine’s Day gift in one of these DIY giant chocolate gift boxes! The only way these could be better is if you added a little vanilla extract into the paint beforehand to give the boxes the smell of chocolate too. Now wouldn’t that be grand?! xo. Kara

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