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DIY Anthropologie Inspired Sequin Sweater

Here’s a story. A few weeks ago I was in the checkout line at Anthropologie and one of the women behind the counter was wearing this amazing, sparkly sequined sweater. I loved it but didn’t have time to ask about it — but I figured it was from Anthro. I went home and Googled “Anthro sequin sweater” and lo and behold, a photo popped up! (Gotta love that Google image search.) Annnnd it was sold out. (And $120 to boot — way more than I usually spend on a sweater.) So. DIY to the rescue to create a DIY Anthropologie-inspired sequin sweater!

This is an insanely simple tutorial, it just takes a little time. And you’ve gotta have the right materials. Check out our list below, and take a peek at the original sweater below for our inspiration.

anthropologie sequin sweater

DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Sequin Sweater

DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Sequin Sweater
Active Time 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours
Difficulty Easy



  1. Start by finding the right sweater. I found one that I really liked at Target. You want something in a simple knit that lays nice and flat so that the sequins have something to grab on to. (So no big cables or fancy knit patterns.) It also helps to have a collar on the sweater that’s at least an inch wide. Just creates a visual border for the sequins.
  2. Find a piece of cardboard or foam board to slip inside your sweater. This gives it a shape as you glue the sequins on, and ensures that no glue will seep through the layers of your sweater.
  3. Start glueing sequins! Begin up under the collar, grouping the sequins close together. I packed mine pretty tightly at the top. To glue them on, just squeeze a small dot of E-6000 adhesive onto the back (convex) side of the sequin, to the side of the hole in the center. Then press the glue gently into the sweater so that the concave side of the sequin is facing front. A bit of glue may squeeze out of the center hole, but that’s okay. Note: I used mainly larger sequins at the top of my sweater, and worked my way down to smaller sequins at the bottom. Use your own personal preference!
  4. Continue that process! I kept my sequins closely placed for the first few inches, and then started spacing them out. As the sequins were spaced farther apart, I also started using smaller sizes here and there. Additionally, I used the shoulder seams as a stopping point for the sequins so that they didn’t continue around the back of the sweater.
  5. Finish off your sequins with a few small ones around the edges. Our sequins end about halfway down the sweater, just below the bust line.

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DIY sequin sweater
DIY sequin sweater

That’s it! It’s SO simple but I can’t tell you how many comments and questions I’ve gotten about it every time I wear it! It’s definitely eye-catching, so put it on with a dose of confidence and get ready to rock out. Have fun! xoxo

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