Our Favorite Wide-Brimmed Hats for Every Day

Favorite Wide Brim Hats for Every Day

I asked on Instagram the other day if anybody had any recommendations for a really great wide-brimmed hat to wear every day, and y’all came through! There were so many great recommendations — including a whole bunch that I was totally unfamiliar with, which is really fun.

We went through every recommendation, weeded out a few that were just too pricey for our taste (although they were all so lovely!), and chose a few favorites! I actually ordered one of the hats below. Any guesses as to which one? Do you have a favorite? xoxo

  1. Joanna Embroidered Hat from Brixton
  2. Straw Boater Hat from Something Navy
  3. Blakely Fedora from Brixton
  4. Terracotta Rancher from World Market
  5. Faye Natural Straw Boater from Gigi Pip
  6. Spencer Terracotta from Lack of Color
  7. Woven Straw Fedora from & Other Stories
  8. Sunnydip Noir from Lack of Color
  9. Wanderer Boater from Lack of Color
  10. Blush Flat Top Hat from World Market

3 thoughts on “Our Favorite Wide-Brimmed Hats for Every Day”

  1. I see more and more people, men and ladies, wearing hats. Fun, gorgeous, plus, such a great idea w our sunny climate.

  2. Cute hats! Also, I’d love to know all the other details to your outfit! Sunglasses, top, overalls, sneakers & nail polish…

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