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The Best Wide Brim Hats for Every Day

Wide brim hats aren’t only fun to wear, they’re a great way to practice sun protection! Try one of our favorite wide brim hats and add it to your favorite outfit.

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When I first started being more conscious of sun protection and keeping my skin safe, a hat didn’t really factor into the equation. I figured, slap some sunscreen on and call it good.

But I started noticing year over year that I would come in from a sunny day with dark spots that didn’t fade, with dull skin, and with deepening creases around where I would squint.

A wide brim hat has been a major game changer!

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Why I Wear a Wide Brim Hat

After I added a hat to my sun protection routine I started seeing my skin really respond.

It felt like I was wasting my skin care routine by letting that sun damage in. And now that I wear a hat more often, I see the hard work of my skin care regimen being maintained.

That’s a good feeling.

I chose a wide brim hat that’s packable, so you can squish it, roll it, and compress it and it still keeps its shape.

I find that it’s a great option for travel, because you can smush it into your luggage but then put it on and it really pulls together an outfit. I’ve worn my favorite hat all over the place! Italy, Mexico, Hawaii, and definitely all over California.

Favorite Wide Brim Hats for Every Day

Ten Wide Brim Hats for Every Day

So let’s see these beauties!

I rounded up ten wide brim hats that I love, in all kinds of shapes and styles. They’re quite varied and they all serve a somewhat different purpose.

If your curious, the one that’s probably the most like my favorite hat is #3. It’s packable, it has a simple but versatile shape, and it’s wide enough to block a good amount of sun.

You could even switch up the band and add something different if you want.

If I were going to choose a new one from this list, I think I might go for that beautiful scalloped one!

wide brim hats
  1. Scalloped Dolce Hat
  2. Raffia Wide Brimmed Boater
  3. Packable Straw Fedora
  4. The Inca Bucket Hat
  5. Floppy Beach Hat
  6. Wool and Suede Fedora
  7. Wool Panama Hat
  8. Raffia Modern Visor
  9. Bloom Raffia Hat
  10. Pink Wool Boater
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Which Would You Choose?

I’d love to know your favorite, and which one would fit into your wardrobe! xoxo

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7 thoughts on “The Best Wide Brim Hats for Every Day

  1. I see more and more people, men and ladies, wearing hats. Fun, gorgeous, plus, such a great idea w our sunny climate.

  2. Cute hats! Also, I’d love to know all the other details to your outfit! Sunglasses, top, overalls, sneakers & nail polish…

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  4. These are great! I’m going to get one for watching the kids play sports; good idea here in the summertime. I’m getting too many spots on my face from the sun!
    Ps….WHERE did ladies keep all 17 of their wide-brimmed hats in the olden days when they wore them EVERYWHERE?!

  5. Wow, best snapshot ever—you wearing your hat, walking on that beach!
    My fave—#5. And #10. ☺️