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Desktop Designers // Natalie Soud

Abe Lincoln Desktop Wallpaper

Whatever you are, be a good one.


I love today’s quote from good ol’ Abe Lincoln, don’t you? I love that it opens up a world of possibility, and that it encourages excellence. Sometimes I get stuck in a mediocrity trap trying to manage too many things at once and this is such a good reminder to choose something and be awesome at it.

Natalie Soud, from A Dose of the Delightful, is our lovely creative supplying today’s calligraphy! I love the mix of styles that she created and I think they fit the quote so perfectly. Over on her blog, Natalie shares about DIY and thoughtful living; her about page is truly touching and you should read it if you have a moment!Β She also works as a designer at Regas letterpress studio.

Abe Lincoln Desktop Wallpaper

When she’s not working, Natalie loves creating things — watercolor, sewing, knitting, and embroidery are all fair game. I think it’s so awesome that most of our contributors for this column fill their spare time with creative endeavors like that! Here’s a bit more about Natalie.


Follow Natalie on Instagram and Twitter for more creative adventures! Be sure to download your freebie desktop wallpaper below. xoxo


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