DIY Patterned Galvanized Tub


DIY Painted Galvanized Tub


It’s summerrrrrr! I’m dying to have a shindig and invite people over for cold drinks and hot dogs. I saw this galvanized tub on the Michaels website and I thought it looked like the perfect thing to customize and use to keep drinks in at a summery party. And this is one of those DIYs that’s totally pain-free; you can customize it in a zillion different ways, it’s totally affordable, and you can’t do it wrong. Brilliant.


  • galvanized tub
  • Martha Stewart craft paint
  • 1″ foam brush

Make Time: 30 Minutes (plus drying time)

If you don’t have a tub already, hop over to the Michaels website and check this one out. You can actually put all the materials for the project in your basket at one time if you want! You can even choose paint colors; I really loved Pea Shoot and Beach Glass — such a pretty combo. And bonus, you guys — you can order online from Michaels now and there’s free shipping over $50! Boom. Supplies showing up at your doorstep. Check out Michaels online shopping here if you haven’t already!


Dip the tip of your foam brush into some paint. Starting near the handle on one side of the tub, paint a triangle. I found it easiest to press the edge of the brush onto the surface of the tub to create the triangle outline, then fill it in.


Keep making triangles all across the front of the tub.


Use another color to make an opposing line of triangles beneath the first. It’ll make sort of a geometric tribal pattern that I’m really into.



Let all paint dry thoroughly and fill it with delicious drinks! Our local grocery store was having a “Taste of Mexico” event for summer so we picked up a bunch of bottled Mexican sodas. So. Good.



DIY Painted Galvanized Tub

So tell me about your summer plans?! Do you like to get your craft on and host parties? Or do you prefer to be a party attendee? I’d love to know how you like to spend those lazy, crazy days! xoxo

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  1. Hey Chelsea, did any of the paint come off when you were done using it? I’m never sure if I should slap some polyurethane over the paint to keep it from peeling…. but I’d LOVE to skip that step! Ha!

    1. Hi Courtney,
      My paint all seemed to stay on pretty well, although I’m sure a sealer coat wouldn’t hurt. Hope it turns out for ya!