Three Easy Cricut Projects for Beginners

These three easy Cricut projects for beginners are the perfect place to start with a new machine! Learn the ins and outs of your Cricut while you create some fun crafts. These ideas, tutorials, tips, tricks, and free templates are a great place to start.

cricut projects for beginners

I’m loving sharing a deep dive into all things Cricut with you!

In case you need to catch up, we’ve covered not just tons of Cricut project ideas but also the basics. Make sure you check out the first two posts in the series:

How To Get Started with a Cricut Machine

Before you get started with a Cricut, make sure you select the machine that will serve you best! We did a really thorough, in-depth look at each of the machines in this post.

Take into account the types of projects that you hope to do and how much you think you’ll be using the machine.

It’s also smart to consider what kind of materials you’ll want to work with, as different machines work well for varying materials. Here’s a quick review and breakdown.

Cricut Explore Air 2. This is the one that I own.

The Explore Air 2 can wirelessly connect to your computer, cuts 100 different materials (great for cardstock, vinyl, iron-on, and the like), and it’s super speedy. I love that it’s easy to navigate and can handle basic materials with ease.

Cricut Joy. This is kind of a mini machine that makes smaller projects nice and easy! It can draw and cut, and you can purchase Smart Materials for it, which you can cut without a cutting mat.

I’ve always thought the Cricut Joy would be great to keep in a classroom for an elementary school teacher.

Cricut Maker. The Cricut Maker is a professional-level machine. I’m hoping to upgrade to a Maker soon.

If you’re a sewer, this machine can cut your fabric patterns for you. It can handle delicate paper without ripping or tearing. The Maker also can cut leather, wood, and lots of heavier materials (in addition to all of the standard materials that the other machines cut, too).

how much is a cricut machine

Tools and Supplies You’ll Need

In addition to your machine, you’ll need a few tools and supplies to get started on the three basic projects below.

Cutting Mats. You’ll need a mat for your materials (unless you’re doing matless cutting with the Cricut Joy). While your machine will come with a mat, I also like to keep a selection on hand of Light, Standard, and Firm grip mats to choose from for various materials.

Cardstock. Cricut has a gorgeous selection of cardstocks to choose from. There are lots of really fun options with textures, patterns, even glitter. They’d all be great to try with our simple paper project below!

Vinyl. Vinyl is a great place to start with your Cricut. There are endless possibilities for creation, and the machine makes your custom vinyl creations look clean and professional. (I love using the gold vinyl!) There are permanent and removable options.

Iron-On. Once you get handy with Iron-On (also known as Heat Transfer Vinyl, or HTV), you’ll never need to buy another graphic t-shirt again! Be sure to browse through Cricut’s massive collection of iron-on colors and styles.

cricut projects for beginners
Cricut machine

Know Your Cricut Machine

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to get to know your Cricut machine.

Practice inserting and removing cutting mats, play with different cutting settings on the dial, and experiment in Design Space.

Design Space is the Cricut software which comes with your machine, where you can upload your own designs or use one of the thousands designs and fonts in the library!

Paper Cricut Project for Beginners

party hat template

Now that you’ve got your machine and supplies, try one of our Cricut projects for beginners! I love these little paper party hats.

This Cricut project for beginners dives into the world of cutting cardstock.

Simply download our party hat template above and upload it to Design Space. Place a piece of cardstock on your cutting mat, set your Cricut to the cardstock setting, and cut.

Printable New Year's Eve Party Hats for kids and adults

I love using my Cricut for paper party projects like this one because it cuts down on a huge amount of time invested in party prep.

Find more details on this Party Hat project here.

party hat template

Vinyl Cricut Project for Beginners

DIY Workout Water Bottle

Once you try a vinyl project on the Cricut, you’ll realize what everybody gets so excited about. Vinyl is a great introduction to Cricut projects for beginners because it has so many uses!

Label things, create art for your home, make signs for parties, and lots more.

Here’s a simple water bottle tutorial that’s a great place to start.

DIY Workout Water Bottle

To cut vinyl with your Cricut, start by either uploading our template into Design Space or making your own design.

Load your desired vinyl onto a cutting mat. I recommend permanent vinyl for this project.

Note: you do not need to mirror your design when you’re cutting vinyl.

Change your machine settings to vinyl and load your cutting mat into the machine. In Design Space, make sure your design is your desired size. Cut away!

After cutting, use Cricut tools to weed out the excess vinyl. For a project like this, Transfer Tape will be a big help. Transfer tape helps keep the vinyl in place as you move it from the vinyl backing onto your project.

Cut a piece of transfer tape, remove the backing, and burnish it onto the front of your cut vinyl. Then peel the vinyl off it’s backing so that it sticks to the transfer tape.

Finally, place the design onto your water bottle and burnish it onto the surface. Then carefully peel away the transfer tape.

See more details on our Workout Water Bottle project here.

DIY Workout Water Bottle

Iron-On Cricut Project for Beginners

How to make a patterned peplum baby shirt

Using iron-on will change the way you think about crafting! The possibilities are endless. I love to use it to make spirit shirts, theme park shirts, and school supplies for my kids.

Here’s an easy Cricut project for beginners to try with iron-on.

This is a simple project but can take a plain shirt from basic to beautiful! I used this technique on a baby shirt, but it would be just as effective for kids or adults.

Choose a shape and repeat it in Cricut Design Space until you have enough pieces to cover your shirt with a pattern. If you like, you can reverse half of the shapes like I did with these swans to create some visual interest.

Load your iron-on onto a cutting mat. Note: When loading iron-on, place it so that the shiny backing is face down on the mat. Also, be sure to select Mirror Image on Design Space before you cut.

Set your machine to iron-on and cut. Remove from the mat and place the individual pieces of your pattern down onto your shirt.

Use a Cricut Easy Press or your regular iron to iron on the pieces. You can find more details about the ironing process right here.

How to make a patterned peplum baby shirt

More Cricut Project Ideas to Bookmark

I hope you love these Cricut projects for beginners! Once you get the hang of it, I’m sure you’ll want more ideas! Be sure to bookmark these other favorite Cricut ideas and techniques:

Let me know what your next project will be! xoxo

cricut projects for beginners

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