DIY Workout Water Bottle

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DIY Workout Water Bottle
DIY Workout Water Bottle

Have I told you guys that I started working with a trainer? I’ve been working out on my own for years but since Maggie was born I was having a heck of a time getting any results from my workouts. So I started training and it’s like night and day! (I’ll save the deets for another post, but I’m seriously shouting from the mountaintops about how much I love it.) I treated myself to a new workout water bottle and thought it could use a little DIY – because sometimes you need some encouragement to get to the end of the workout!


Make Time: 30 Minutes

DIY Workout Water Bottle

Step 1: Download our “Work Work Work” file and upload it to your cutting machine’s software. Size it to the appropriate width and height for your water bottle, set the machine’s cutting to vinyl, and cut the words out of your adhesive vinyl.

Step 2: Remove any excess vinyl from around the words.

Step 3: Cut a swatch of vinyl transfer sticker large enough to cover the entire design. Remove the backing and place the sticker over the words.

Step 4: Burnish the words with a burnishing tool so that they adhere to the transfer sticker.

Step 5: Peel away the transfer sticker, which should now have the words on the back of it.

Step 6: Place the sticker with the words onto your water bottle. Smooth it all down and gently peel away the transfer sticker. You should have your words left on the bottle!

Now tote that baby to your workouts and stay hydrated! I usually chug a whole bunch of water after I workout, and pop a little protein too.

Here’s to good health and staying strong! Can’t wait to share a bit more about my trainer — we’ve got a fun surprise for you up our sleeves. xoxo

DIY Workout Water Bottle

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