8 Ways to Make your 4th of July Extra Festive


I love gearing up for the 4th of July! I love all the cheesy stuff — the fireworks, the apple pies, the parades — and the historical stuff behind it all — the dawn’s early light and all that jazz. I’ve been collecting a few of my favorite ideas from friends around the web who know how to celebrate in major style! Try a couple or try them all and you’ve got a 4th of July that’s bound to be extra festive. xoxo

8 Ways to Make 4th of July Extra Festive

A firecracker garland that you can make in a snap!

Bomb pop granita shots. Do we even need to go on?

A tie-dye mani that you can do yourself!

Sign me up for two of these Pop Rocks ice cream sandwiches.

Get refreshed with some spiked watermelon rosemary punch!

Loving the old-school festive vibe from these red, white, and blue streamers.

Hand out sparklers to your guests in style.

Deck your phone out too!

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