DIY Photo Timeline for a Baby’s Nursery

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Photo Timeline for a Kid's Room

Photo Timeline for a Kid's Room

Henry’s getting so old so fast, and now with the new little nugget on the way I’m all nostalgic for when Hank was a teeny tiny guy. We don’t have a ton of photos (or maybe any?!) of him in his room, so I thought it would be cool to make a little timeline for him using photos from our Instagram feeds and private pictures. He’s getting to the age where he likes to point out people in photos and he’s fascinated when he sees himself in a picture, and realizes it’s him. I think it kind of blows his mind – haha! Command™ has these new photo bars where you can hang the bar once and then switch out the photos as you like. So as Hank gets older he can pick the photos that he wants in there and change them any old time (as soon as he can reach the bar!).


Make Time: 10 Minutes

Photo Timeline for a Kid's Room

Step 1: Attach the wire photo hangers to the bar according to the directions on the packaging.

Step 2: Clean the area of the wall where you’d like to hang the bar with rubbing alcohol and let dry thoroughly.

Step 3: Pull apart the hanging strips and press them together until they click.

Step 4: Remove one side of the liners and place the sticky side down on the back of the bar, one set on either end.

Step 5: Remove remaining liners and firmly press the bar onto the wall for about 30 seconds. To ensure the hanging strips are stuck well, remove the bar by grabbing the bottom corners and peeling up from the wall (not straight off). Press each strip on the wall firmly for 30 seconds. Wait 1 hour to reattach the bar; do so by lining up the bar with the strips on the wall and pressing until you hear each strip click.

Step 6: Fill the wires with your favorite photos!

This little timeline of photos has me all nostalgic for that little tiny baby! It’s unreal how quickly time flies when you have a little person growing to illustrate it right in front of you. I included a photo of me pregnant with Hank to help him understand what’s happening to my tummy now, and show him that when he was in there I was big too! He loves to wake up from his nap and go over to the wall now and point at each picture and have us tell him about it. Such a fun addition to his little man cave! xoxo

Photo Timeline for a Kid's Room

Photo Timeline for a Kid's Room

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