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24 Weeks Pregnant

25 weeks and we are fiiiiinally in a sweet spot! I’m not sick, I’m not huge yet, my energy is up a little bit, and we’re getting things ready for Baby #2. Let’s get into it! xoxo


EATING so much breakfast and barely any dinner. I get to the end of the day and food is just so not interesting.

DRINKING buckets of ice water but only if the ice is crushed. Don’t bother me with that cubed stuff. Ugh.

READING Dan Brown novels at the gym. Because I’m classy and cultured like that. 😉

WANTING to soak up every moment we have with Henry while he’s still our only little nugget.

SLEEPING pretty well! We’ll revisit this one in a few weeks — that’s when it got tough last time around. I do wake up every time I have to roll over because rolling over now requires a very specific sequence of movements to get the tummy from one side to the other.

WEARING my hair up because who cares about doing hair when you’re pregnant?!

FEELING SO GRATEFUL that the nausea is gone. Truly, it was starting to mess with my head. After so many months of being sick you just forget what it’s like to feel… not sick. Just normal. I’m so thankful for every normal-feeling moment when I don’t feel anything at all.

LOVING looking back at old pictures of Henry and getting excited to do the tiny baby thing again.

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