Pin the Tail on the Llama Game for Cinco de Mayo

Pin the tail on the llama game for Cinco de Mayo

Pin the tail on the llama game for Cinco de Mayo

We are hooking you all UP for Cinco de Mayo this year! I don’t know what it is — maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and all I want is a margarita with lots of salt, but I’m just in the mood to celebrate. So now that you know what you’ll be mixing up to drink, we’ve got the perfect game for you to play at your Cinco celebrations! A little Pin the Tail on the Llama — obviously. We teamed up with our gal pal Megan again and she designed us thisย most adorable llama, who I think we should probably call Trudy. She looks like a Trudy doesn’t she? Anyway, Trudy seems to have lost her tail so you better get to pinning it on there again. Here we go!


Make Time: 1 Hour

Pin the tail on the llama game for Cinco de Mayo

Llama illustration


Step 1: Print out our llama poster at your local print shop! It’s designed to be printed on an 18″ x 24″ poster.

Step 2: Now, option one is to just slap that baby up on your wall as-is. But if you want to get fancy, mount your poster on some foam core board using spray glue. Be careful to align all the edges before smoothing down.

Step 3: Make your tails. Cut out three colors of cardstock in small, medium, and large sizes. We freehanded our llama tails because, well, llamas are individuals, you know? So don’t get too picky. On the rounded side, cut some fringe. Then wrap each piece around a pencil to curl the fringed ends.

Step 4: Layer the pieces on top of one another and affix them together with small pieces of double stick tape.

Step 5: If you mounted your llama poster on a board, make a hanger for it. We just braided some yarn, tied knots on either end, and taped the knots to the back of the board with masking tape.

Step 6: For all you overachievers! Use your pompom makers to make some fun pompoms and hang them around your poster. Braid some random yarn and drape it here and there to be festive.

Step 7: Add some double stick tape to the back side of each llama tail.

Pin the tail on the llama game for Cinco de Mayo

Now get your game on! Blindfold your guests, hand them a llama tail with some double stick tape on the back, and let them try to get it in the right spot! I closed my eyes and tried to put a tail on Trudy and it ended up smack in the middle of her neck. It ain’t as easy as it looks, folks! I think the loser should have to make the winner mezcal mules all night. Sound good? xoxo

Pin the tail on the llama game for Cinco de Mayo

Pin the tail on the llama game for Cinco de Mayo

Pin the tail on the llama game for Cinco de Mayo

Pin the tail on the llama game for Cinco de Mayo

Craft Production Assistance by Shari Stamps

  1. Gabriella on said:

    This is the cutest “pin the tail” game I have ever seen. I LOVE it!

  2. brittni on said:

    This is the cutest Cinco de Mayo idea ever. I love it.

  3. Hannah Foley on said:

    This is the cutest! I have looked through the post a couple times and can’t find a link to the poster- can you point me in the right direction?

    • chelsea on said:

      Ahhhh! Thanks so much Hannah — we totally neglected to link to the poster. I blame it on pregnancy brain! You should be able to find it now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Hannah Foley on said:

        Hahaha well I can COMPLETELY relate to that! Thank you for the help! Llamas are my three-year-old’s FAVORITE ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Elaine Costa on said:

    Those little tails make me smile , this little llama is so cute! Wish I had thought of this when I was teaching Spanish! :

    • Lovely Indeed on said:

      Thanks love! ?

  6. gzuh gu on said:

    Llamas are peruvian…

    • Lovely Indeed on said:

      Absolutely they are, and thank you for pointing that out! Our intention here wasn’t to confuse cultural or historical fact, just to create a fun activity with a nod to the llama imagery that does appear in the Mexican culture as well. To draw a similarity, many Americans create firework projects around the 4th of July despite fireworks being a Chinese invention. Thanks!

      • gzuh gu on said:

        Thanks for replying to my comment and not just deleting it. I’m still sure that llamas don’t really occur in Mexican imagery (I Iived there for 15 years, but asked a friend with a PhD in iconography to make sure) but anyways, cinco de Mayo is more of a US holiday anyways. Cute craft though.

        • Fernanda on said:

          I thought the same thing too! Allthough the 5 de mayo holiday isn’t really celebrated in Mexico either. This project is SUPER cute. But definitely no Llamas in Mexico.

        • Priscila on said:

          5 de mayo is not an US holiday. It’s a celebration of a battle that occurred in 1862, Mexican army victory against the French army in Puebla, Mexico. And yes, it is celebrated with big carnivals and parties in the main cities of the country because it’s the most important civic date in Mexican history, (just behind the Independence day). Also that day, people who are in the Military make an oath all over the country. It’s a big thing.
          Llamas not in Mexico.

          source: i’m Mexican

    • Lovely Indeed on said:

      SO glad you agree! xoxo

  7. Luna Mawaco on said:

    There are actually zero llamas in Mexican culture as the animal had not naturally existed in North America since the end of the last ice age. Cinco de Mayo is meant to celebrate a single battle in the state of Puebla. Against many odds the Mexicans defeated the French and stopped them from taking their land. The holiday is not hugely celebrated in Mexico, but I the state of Puebla it is still an important day to remember and honor those who fought. Honestly if you are going to degrade the holiday like this you should have just stuck with the donkey. (and I’m pretty sure no one margaritas in Puebla, or the majority of Mexican states for that matter, actually know what a margarita is)

    • Priscila on said:

      Margaritas origin is Mexico. There are many stories about their invention, some say it was invented by some guy in a place between Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico, in 1938; others say it was in 1941 in Ensenada, Mexico and others say in Acapulco.
      So we know our tequila stuff

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  10. Lindsey on said:

    Hi there – I LOVE this and was taking it to a printer, but it’s only 72 dpi (so it will be pixelated when printed 18×24). Any chance you have the 300 dpi printable version? I’m planning to use it for a bachelorette party this week and would love to get it professionally printed if you have that file!


    • chelsea on said:

      Hi Lindsey! Sorry about that — we were having some linking images to the correct file. It should be right now! Check it out and let me know if it works for you. And I’d LOVE to see photos if you use it for your party! xoxo

      • Lindsey on said:

        Thanks so much! I will definitely share pictures!

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