Waffle Quesadilla Recipe

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Waffle quesadilla recipe

Waffle quesadilla recipe

Okay! So we know what you’re drinking and playing at your Cinco de Mayo parties, but what are you gonna eat?! That, my friends, is pretty much what is always on my mind these days. When do I get food again? #alwayshungry But I digress. I have the perfect food idea for your fiesta, so nobody has to do a ton of prep work or be in the kitchen all night. Waffle quesadillas!


  • waffle maker
  • butter
  • tortillas (no larger than your waffle maker)
  • shredded cheese
  • add-ins like chicken, beans, chiles, veggies, whatever you like
  • salsa and sour cream for dipping

This recipe is hardly a recipe it’s so simple, and if you want you can put guests in charge of making their own — like a quesadilla bar! Just butter one side each of two tortillas. Set one buttered-side-down, and on top of this tortilla sprinkle cheese and add any special ingredients you’d like (I stuffed Henry’s with zucchini to sneak him some vegetables). Then place your other tortilla buttered-side-up on top of all the ingredients and close the waffle maker. Once it looks like all your cheese is melted, pull that bad boy out and you’re done!

These are so easy, and make almost no mess at all — my favorite way to cook. And they’re insanely good! The cheese gets perfectly, evenly melted all the way around. Henry snuck in and grabbed some while we were shooting, and apparently he wanted to dip in the sour cream. I’ll have to teach him about double-dipping etiquette soon…

Waffle quesadilla recipe

Okay everybody, have I convinced you to get a waffle maker yet? More waffle fun coming up soon, and lots more in the archives here. Happy waffling! xoxo

Waffle quesadilla recipe

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