diy “heart attack” garland

My sister recently had a birthday.  I gave her a heart attack.  I mean, not literally a heart attack — it’s more like I attacked her with hearts.  Keep reading if you wanna know how to give a heart attack to someone you love.

Cut out a bunch of hearts, in different sizes and colors.  I used scrapbooking paper, but cardstock or plain paper works also.

Fire up your sewing machine and put it on the zigzag stitch setting.  Feed the first heart through, backstitching slightly to lock the end.  Let the heart feed all the way under the sewing machine’s foot, then keep sewing after the heart feeds through, to create a chain of stitches before the next heart.  After about 10 “blank” stitches, begin to feed the next heart through.

Continue creating your garland in this way – one heart, 10 stitches worth of chain before the next heart – until the garland reaches your desired length.  On your final heart, be sure to backstitch a bit to lock this end, just like you did the other.

That’s it!  Hang it up as a surprise for someone you love on a birthday, holiday, or…  well, just any old day would do!  Give ’em a heart attack — the good kind.  xoxo

  1. That is cute! Your sister must’ve loved it! Thank you for sharing the DIY. New follower on twitter 🙂 hope you will follow back! ~ Jasmine

  2. Lissie on said:

    Only you could create something like this from your own big heart!!

  3. neha on said:

    love it ..

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  5. I love the ‘Heart Attack’ Idea 🙂 I did a similar instillation at my high school but called it ‘LOVE IS IN THE AIR’ and did red and pink hearts for valentines day. It’s all good- spread the love!