DIY Patterned Galvanized Tub

It’s summerrrrrr! I’m dying to have a shindig and invite people over for cold drinks and hot dogs. I saw this galvanized tub on the Michaels website and I thought it looked like the perfect thing to customize and use to keep drinks in at a summery party. And this is one of those DIYs […]

DIY Painted Woven Basket

Okay. When it’s Saturday morning and you are trolling yard sales with your husband and you see this basket and the guy says you can have it for two dollars, you take it. Two dollars?! I was like, duh. But I wasn’t a huge fan of that zig zaggy woven pattern, so I got out […]

DIY Dartboard

This is it, guys! The grand finale to our game night series! Mr. Lovely has been bugging me forever about getting a dartboard. And obviously I have been holding off because, ya know, I don’t live in a college frat house. But I got to thinking that maybe if I could make a dartboard that […]

DIY Sky Blocks

Next up in our DIY game night series, we have something for the little ones! Thought it would be fun to share this one this week, what with the exciting news and all. These actually turned out way cooler than I thought they would! Do you ever have one of those ideas that you think […]

DIY Instagram Playing Cards

Iiiiiiiii love this one. I love it. When Mr. Lovely and I were in Ojai a couple of months back, we had a major hankering to play a few hands of rummy and we didn’t have any cards! So some DIY Instagram playing cards was obviously the answer. Amiright? This tiny deck of cards has […]

DIY Gold Confetti Wall

When we moved into this apartment, I absolutely┬álived for this grey accent wall in front of our desks. Our apartment building actually paints an accent wall for free when you move in, and we didn’t originally want one. But they pushed for it and we did it and I loved it. Now, after two years […]

How to Print Your Own Mini Instagrams

I love me some Instagram. I think that it’s the perfect combination of creativity and sharing — I love that it’s a social app that’s more than just words. But what I like even more is getting the photos off of my phone and having them in real life, so I can have them around […]