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When People Are Kind to Your Kids

Mom and kids holding cake pops

There was a time early last year when we were really struggling with Henry’s health. He was in and out of urgent care as we figured out his asthma, constant ear infections, and overgrown tonsils. I’m so relieved to say that now those issues are mostly sorted out, or at least we know how to (and have the tools to) deal with them. But at that time, there was a particular moment that we had in a pharmacy where a little boy reached out to Henry in a way that just floored me, and completely saved us from total meltdown. I wrote about it here.

The other day, Ryan and I were out riding bikes with the kids and we stopped by one of our favorite local bakeries. We were in such a different place than those days last year when Henry was so sick. Maggie’s running around with us now, Henry is healthy and happy, it was a beautiful, sunny day. We weren’t going to get the kids any sweets because we just stopped into pick up something for later. But there was a woman behind the counter who I saw eyeing our kids as they ran from case to case looking at all of the cakes and cookies. Pretty soon the woman disappeared into the kitchen and came back out with two beautiful, rainbow-sprinkled cake pops, and asked if it was okay to give them to the kids.

And no, I didn’t want them to have any more sugar that day, but the woman was so kind, and sort of excited to give them the treats, and the kids eyes lit up at this special surprise, so of course we sat down and enjoyed them. And it was such a simple gift, but it just struck me how when people are kind to your kids, it radiates through your whole family. It teaches them to graciously and gratefully accept kindness. It creates a special moment in time for a family to enjoy together. It gives a parent a break, for just a second, to let the kids interact with someone or something else. We sat outside and the kids happily chomped their desserts, and I was just so thankful for the kindness of those two little cake pops on that day.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend, and that you all find a little extra kindness in the world today! xoxo

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