A Two-Minute Makeup Routine


Two-Minute Makeup Routine

Whether you run on mom time or plain ol’ busy person time, some days (orrrr most days) you just don’t have a million years to stand in front of the mirror doing your hair and makeup. Right? Right. But also, I’m a firm believer in trying to look put together just about every day, because I just feel better when I do. So to that end, I’ve accidentally developed a fail-proof two minutes (or less!) makeup routine that is totally doable on the daily. I didn’t set out to make it happen, but it turns out that when you have a baby screaming for you to make him breakfast you just eliminate all parts of your beauty routine that aren’t absolute necessity. It’s like Darwin’s natural selection, but in your makeup bag.

Two-Minute Makeup Routine

Foundation or BB Cream. I’m still into bareMinerals bareSkin these days after having tried if a couple years back. It’s super quick to put on and you can apply it with clean hands to save time instead of getting all fancy with a foundation brush. It covers quickly but feels really light and breathable.

Eye Primer. My eyelids are persnickety and if I don’t use this stuff, any eyeshadow I apply will be on my cheeks by lunchtime. My fave is Stay Don’t Stray. It evens out color on your eyelid (and underneath if you apply it!), and holds on to shadow like crazy. Also, don’t tell my aesthetician but I use this stuff as concealer too, if I have a spot that needs covering. I’m a smarty.

Shadow. Keep a little palette on hand and you can switch it up! On the daily, I use a light shade under my brow and on the inside corners of my eyes, and a neutral shade with a tiny bit of shimmer all over the lid. It’s a super-quick way to look awake and fresh. On days that you have more time, get a little crazy and add a shade or two.

Rouge. Oooooh I feel so fancy for having said rouge instead of blush. But really, it’s blush. These days I use Nars Deep Throat, which is just a perfect little punch for your cheeks.

Two-Minute Makeup Routine

Two-Minute Makeup Routine

Lips. After having Henry, I had to switch up my lip plan a little because I kept leaving lipstick kisses all over his cute little cheeks! I found the Vaseline Lip Tins, which I love — they’re a throwback to the original design from the late 1800’s! How fun is that? I use the Rosy Lips for a little tint of color and lots of moisture (but the Cocoa Butter flavor is a close second fave!). It’s not sticky or greasy so I can smooch the kid all day long, but it has the perfect amount of glossy shine. (You can snag ’em Vasline.us, target.com, or at your local Target!)

Lashes. I’ve long been a devotee of benefit’s mascaras and these days I’m into the Roller Lash! It’s lengthening and curling, so you can skip the eyelash curler step. This is always my last step to really look awake, even if we didn’t exactly get a full night’s sleep the night before.

Done! Now, is this the makeup job I would do for a photoshoot? Nope. But will this face take you to the office/grocery store/playdate/brunch? For sure. Busy hotties of the world, rejoice — it doesn’t take a million years to put your face on! I’d love to know your faves for a quickie makeup routine — do tell! xoxo

Two-Minute Makeup Routine

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  1. I love Bareminerals!! Ooo I’ll have to try that primer!! I’m always looking for something new to try! =)