OMG 35


Mom and Baby on the Beach

35. I’m 35 today! What?! 35 is one of those ages that I never imagined myself being. I would hear “35” when I was little and think “Woaaahhhh that person is a grownup. They probably know how to do everything.” And now here I am and I can fully attest to the fact that 35 year olds know some stuff, but definitely not everything. The good thing, though, is that this birthday doesn’t feel scary or old. I feel like I’m in it to win it, man! 35 now sounds confident and fun and adventurous. I feel so grateful for where I am and for my family and all I can hope for is at least another 35 years to enjoy it all.

We already did our big birthday trip, so we’re keeping it low key today with a little happy hour at home for friends and a family dinner this weekend. Ryan asked what I wanted for dinner and seriously, out of everything in the world, I said pizza. Obviously.

Hoping you all have a reason to celebrate today, too! xoxo

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  1. Chelsea, Happy Birthday! It just occurred to me that you were around the same age as me when I had my first baby. Same here, I know a lot but I still need to learn more! Pizza sounds good. Pat S

  2. Happy birthday ?? I turned 35 earlier in the year and its true when you’re younger you think 35 is grown up however I honestly don’t feel much different than I did in my 20’s. Have a lovely day

  3. Yay! Happiest of birthdays! I turned 35 this past summer… and I can’t say I was all too thrilled with it, 34 seemed so comfortable. BUT, it’s shaping up to a good year. Enjoy that birthday pizza!!

  4. YAYYYYYYY happy berfday Chelsea!!!!! Every time I hear 35 I think of the episode of Sex & the City where Carrie says, “I’m thiiiirrrrrty fiiiiiive” and Samantha goes “Oh shut up I’m a hundred and ninety” or something like that.

  5. Oh , how I remember all those feelings! You just do the best you can, and what works for your lil’ fam. Try to ignore those negative comments. Who wants all that negativity anyway? Not me! Not you! ❤️