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I was so happy to read your comments and notes all over the blog and social media last week about the debut of our Think Like a Boss series! This is definitely a passion project of mine, and I still can’t believe that so many incredible, talented, seriously badass business women took the time to share their secrets and tips with us. Today we’re welcoming a few new faces to the group, along with some of your favorites from last week. I love today’s topic, because I feel like it’s so easy to get bogged down when you’re trying to start or run a business. So today we’re talking about avoiding time wasters! Let’s dig in as we ask our experts:


Joy Cho, Founder + Creative Director of Oh, Joy!
Emails for sure! I love modern technology but emails are probably my biggest time suck. I’m one of those people who needs to look at an email when I see new ones come into my inbox. For that reason, I DO NOT let them auto-push to my phone because that constant dinging when I am away from my computer would be VERY distracting.

Erin Loechner, Founder of Design for Mankind + Other Goose
Quartering grapes for my children. 😉 (Editor’s note: I showed Erin this and hopefully changed her life.)

Ann Shen, Illustrator + Bestselling Author of Bad Girls Throughout History + Legendary Ladies
Social media. I love reading about skincare and products so I definitely go down deep rabbit holes. I save it as my end-of-the-brain zone out reward now.

Brittany Jepsen, Founder of The House that Lars Built + Author of Craft the Rainbow
MEETINGS! They take up so much time. I’m always trying to evaluate if something should be a meeting or if it could be an email or phone call or what not. Sometimes meeting in person is so helpful, but it’s not always the most efficient. As far as I see it there is a hierarchy of communication: meeting in person, video call, phone call, email, message, text. Even if the person is in the other room, a text might be better than walking into their room!

Chelsea Foy (That’s Me!), Founder + Creative Director of Lovely Indeed
This seems counterintuitive, but my biggest time suck is multitasking. I’ve definitely reached the point where trying to multitask just means that my thoughts are split in too many directions. These days, to accomplish a work task, I really need to set all other things aside and focus on what’s at hand. Otherwise I just spin my wheels.


And we want to hear from YOU — what’s your biggest time waster or time suck? Did you find any similarities with these women? Any eye-opening moments? Leave a comment with your thoughts! And if you have any questions that you’d love us to cover with this series in the future, leave those too!  xoxo

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