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Think Like a Boss // Daily Habits of Successful Women

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If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been feeling so driven lately to create content here on Lovely Indeed that helps women feel inspired, fulfilled, and motivated to create positive change. In that spirit, we’re kicking off a five-week series today featuring some of my favorite online businesswomen, who have each taken the time and love to share some of their secret sauce. Right here, exclusively for you, friends! Over the next five weeks we’re going to cover lots of ground, but today we’re starting with the basics: daily habits of successful women.


I hope you love reading the responses from these stellar women, and that there’s something juicy in here to spur you forward toward your goals, whatever they may be. (I also hope you don’t mind that I add my two cents into the mix sometimes!) Another goal of mine for the series is to debunk the myth that success is arbitrary, and that these women were just “lucky.” There’s no luck about it, folks — just tons of hard work and creativity. So let’s welcome this crew of world-changers as we ask them:


Erin Loechner, Founder of Design for Mankind + Other Goose
Prayer, prayer, prayer, prayer, prayer. My own practice doesn’t look fancy (no incense required), but it absolutely snaps me outside of myself in the most essential of ways.

Amber Kemp-Gerstel, Founder of Damask Love + Finalist on NBC’s Making It Season 1
Every night before I go to bed, I write down an hour by hour game plan for the next day. It doesn’t have to be terribly lofty – and in most cases it’s not. I usually break down a few tasks I want to tackle in the morning before the toddler wakes up. Then I give myself a few goals for what I want to accomplish during the day. By doing this, I really find that I can shape my day and feel more accomplished at the end of it. If I start each day with a never ending to-do list, I feel less motivated and less capable of making a dent in my goals.

Ann Shen, Illustrator + Bestselling Author of Bad Girls Throughout History + Legendary Ladies
List-making! I make a daily to-do list to get myself organized, usually taking into account what’s on my weekly and monthly to-do lists.

Brittany Jepsen, Founder of The House that Lars Built + Author of Craft the Rainbow
I always get dressed no matter if I’m working from home or not or even if your studio is located on a dairy farm and there’s only farmers in sight. It just makes me feel more put together and ready to conquer!

Chelsea Foy (That’s Me!), Founder + Creative Director of Lovely Indeed
Washing my face at night and making my bed in the morning. Neither of them have anything to do with my business or my work, but they are simple, human habits that keep me grounded and make my day feel capped and complete. They’re two small things I can do to feel accomplished and set up for success, in a very basic and specific way. Small victories. Little acts of self-care.


Hope you’ve loved the kickoff of our Think Like a Boss series! Be sure to come back for the next few Mondays and see what else we’ve got in store! Lots more fun questions, and more surprise guests will be swinging by with their tips to help you feel inspired. See you soon! xoxo

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