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Think Like a Boss // Overcoming Fear

I’m really thrilled to be diving into today’s topic in our Think Like a Boss series! The response to these posts has been filling me up — I love to see that what we share here helps other women, especially women who are working toward goals and milestones. Today we’re talking to our favorite online businesswomen about something that can be tough and uncomfortable: overcoming fear at work. I’d be lying if I said this question wasn’t a little for my own benefit; I’m working through a big project recently that scares me half to death. So I keep reading over these stories from these women to bolster my courage. Hopefully it does the same for you. So let’s ask them:


Joy Cho, Founder + Creative Director of Oh, Joy!
I launched my first online class last month! I knew if I was going to do an online class, I wanted it to be on a topic I was very passionate about. I knew it had to feel high quality, and I really wanted it to be a mix of great information but also that you felt like you were sitting down with me and getting really good business advice. We launched “How to Grow a Dream Team” in our Oh Joy! Academy  and I am super proud of it. It’s everything a small business owner needs to know to grow a strong team for their business.

Erin Loechner, Founder of Design for Mankind + Other Goose
Launching Other Goose!

Amber Kemp-Gerstel, Founder of Damask Love + Finalist on NBC’s Making It Season 1
I am KNEE DEEP in a few different projects that I am full on terrified about. Terrified that they won’t pan out. Terrified that they won’t be successful. Terrified that I just don’t have the expertise needed to execute these projects effectively. To date, though – my most daunting project was hands down the filming and subsequent promotion of NBC’s Making It. I was a contestant on Season One of the show and it was easily one of the hardest AND most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Never in my life had I been challenged to make a bunch of handmade crafts on television…under time constraints…only to be judged for each and every one! YIKES. It was tough. Once the show aired, my challenge shifted to promoting the heck out of it so that people actually CARED about my involvement in the show. When it was all said and done, I had a new level of confidence about me – that if I could tackle a national, primetime crafting competition show – I can probably tackle most anything. 

Ann Shen, Illustrator + Bestselling Author of Bad Girls Throughout History + Legendary Ladies
Writing a book proposal! (And then writing a book!)

Brittany Jepsen, Founder of The House that Lars Built + Author of Craft the Rainbow
Giving birth. Ha!

But besides that, my book, Craft the Rainbow, took everything out of me: my time and soul. I’m super pleased with how it turned out–thankfully! It was good in that in challenged me to do my best, but in the most hard-core way possible.


For me, just seeing that all of these accomplished, creative, intelligent women have the same fears and doubts that I’ve felt a million times is heartening. No one is immune. And the common thread in all of these accomplishments is that these women felt fear and walked right through it.

And what about you? Let’s clap it up for ourselves! What’s something that was totally scary but you tackled it anyway? Leave us a comment. xoxo

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6 thoughts on “Think Like a Boss // Overcoming Fear

  1. I’m starting to brand myself and it terrifies the shit out of me. Sometimes I’m scared that I do too much: Dance, teach, boxing, fitness, etc, that I’m not enough of an expert on anything to add any real value. I have some serious imposter syndrome. Not just “who do you think you are” thoughts, but “who actually cares what you think?” Also, I have no idea what I’m doing ??‍♀️

    But even as these thoughts creep/seep/and take residence in my head…I’m at my computer early on a Monday morning writing a blog post about why it’s important to not call pushups on your knees “girl pushups” because deeeeeeeep down, I know what i have to say matters.

    1. OF COURSE IT DOES! Especially if YOU are passionate about it. Because if you are, then you KNOW someone else is too. Go girl. Keep going.

  2. Launching a Kickstarter! (Asking my friends for money? What if what I’m doing is crap? What if people are like “UHHH buy your own shit!” etc etc)
    I was fully funded and beyond within my 30-day time cap and everyone LOVED their rewards and were so excited to help me reach a goal.

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