Things to do in Ojai, California

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Every time I’m in Ojai I remember that I want to spend WAY more time in Ojai! I don’t know what it is about that little hippie town, but it’s just the most perfect California getaway spot. My bestie and I had a little girls’ trip there last week (you might have seen on Instagram!) and we just had the best time doing everything and nothing. It’s a tiny town but there are so many things to do in Ojai, California. Here are a few of my faves!

Things to Do in Ojai, California

Things to Do in Ojai, California


Things to Do in Ojai, California

Where to Stay

On past trips to Ojai, I’ve stayed at the Ojai Rancho Inn. It’s like a little hipster inn with a summer camp vibe. It’s beautiful and fun and pretty low key.

This time, we stayed at the Ojai Valley Inn, which is INSANE. Definitely a splurge and definitely worth it. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever stayed, truly. It’s all these gorgeous white stucco buildings with red tile roof, in a beautiful hacienda style. The grounds are sprawling and lush and there are winding paths all around the property so you can just wander forever.

Things to Do in Ojai, California

Things to Do in Ojai, California

Where to Eat and Drink

I think we literally ate every meal on the hotel property! But to be honest, I’ve never had such great resort food. Our favorites were Libbey’s for breakfast sandwiches and coffee, and Jimmy’s for easy but delicious dinner (try the wagyu beef tacos!!!).

My other new favorite? The on-tap kombucha bar in downtown Ojai! Revel is a new-to-me place that serves jun-style kombucha, which is made with green tea and honey (rather than black tea and sugar). I tried the Ojai Sunshine flavor and it was a new favorite! I could have stayed all day but we had some exploring to do.

There’s also a sweet little wine tasting spot downtown that’s a perfect stop as you’re wandering around. Peek into Casa Barranca and do a tasting if you have the time.

Things to Do in Ojai, California

Where to Shop

A few really wonderful little shops have popped up since my last visit to Ojai! I think my favorite is Bungalow, a beautifully curated shop full of housewares, art, jewelry, and lots of amazing kids’ stuff. I snagged a couple of things for the babes there. I could visit this shop again and again.

Another great stop is Fig, Bungalow’s sister store. It has a similar vibe but has more garden items and a different selection of home goods. Be sure to stop at both of these spots!

There were some other really sweet shops we stopped in but I was having too much fun to take note of the names! Basically, if you walk the main strip you’ll hit them all. If you walk E Ojai Ave between Montgomery and N Blanche Streets, you’ll hit them all.

Things to Do

Whether or not you’re staying at the Ojai Valley Inn, you’ve GOT to go see the spa. And get a treatment if you can swing it. Again, it’s a splurge, but it’s one of the most flawless spa experiences I’ve ever had. And if you have a treatment you get to use the pool and spa amenities for the day.

If you love being outdoors, Ojai is the perfect spot. You can rent bikes and hit one of the biking trails, or just go for a hike or walk on the trails as well. I’ve never ridden horses in Ojai but there are plenty of places to do that too.

There are also some great recommendations in our first Ojai post, too — and all of those favorites still stand! I hope you make your way to this magical little town someday. And if you’ve been, tell us your favorite spots in the comments so other people can enjoy them too! xoxo

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Things to Do in Ojai, California

Things to Do in Ojai, California

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