Must-Do’s for a Fab Girls’ Trip

Must-Do's for a Fab Girls' Trip

I’ve had my fair share of girls’ trips in my life. I count myself super lucky to have some girlfriends that are just worth celebrating. It just so happens that I recently got back from an absolutely perfect girls’ trip to Ojai with my bestie, and it got me thinking: what exactly is it that makes a girls’ trip a success? Obviously the company is key. You’ve gotta be with some ladies you love! But beyond that, I’ve put together my must-do’s for a fab girls’ trip so you can really nail your next trip with your favorite ladies.

The Setting First off, location is key. You’ve gotta know what kind of crew you have and what kind of vibe you want the trip to have. If you’re looking for something relaxing, you’re probably not going to want to end up in New York City. Take a poll with your ladies before you leave and decide whether the vibe is urban, glam, woodsy, health-centric, or anything in between.

Must-Do's for a Fab Girls' Trip

Get Around the Smart Way I think I’ve taken at least one Uber on almost every girls’ trip I’ve ever taken. It’s everybody’s first instinct when we know we’re going out for drinks or just don’t want to think about driving. Uber recently enhanced their safety measures, which makes me love them even more. Inside the new Safety Toolkit, you can now designate up to 5 Trusted Contacts, and the app will automatically notify them when you arrive at your destination. (Super smart for a girls’ trip, if you ask me.) There are also new features like Emergency Assistance, which allows you to call 911 right from the Uber app if you find yourself in an urgent situation. I just really appreciate the focus on safety, and I know my girlfriends do too. (Not to mention our families at home!)

Must-Do's for a Fab Girls' Trip

Have a Plan Research pays! Make sure you have a few activities up your sleeve in the area where you’ll be traveling. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to constantly be on the go, but if you find yourselves wondering what to do on a Saturday night you’ll at least have somewhere to start. I like to research great restaurants, swanky bars, spas, shops, and trails for biking or walking. But research anything that interests you and your gang!

… Or Don’t That being said, some of my favorite memories of girls’ trips have been made when we had no plans whatsoever. So if you’re a crew who can have a great time just shooting the breeze over a bottle of wine, by all means, proceed. This especially applies to busy ladies or moms who just want a second to unwind. Sometimes those unplanned moments are just what you and your girls need.

Eat, Drink, and Splurge (A Little) It’s few and far between, the times that I get to spend exclusively with my girlfriends. So I love to relax on my usual parameters and enjoy great meals, great drinks, and some fun splurges. Get a massage. Stay up an extra hour talking. Get yourselves a special trinket to remember the trip. You don’t have to go crazy, but it’s nice to recognize that your time together is special, and treat it as such. 🙂

Must-Do's for a Fab Girls' Trip

I’d love to hear about your favorite girls’ trips! When was the last time you took one? And what’s your favorite thing to do with your girlfriends? I hope you all have some plans with your ladies on the horizon, and if you do — stay safe and take an Uber. Cheers! Xoxo

Must-Do's for a Fab Girls' Trip

This post is sponsored by Uber. All ideas and opinions are my very own. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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