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DIY Floral Bike Basket

Friends! We’ve wrapped up enrollment for The Productivity Tool Kit and I just want to take a sec to say: thank you.

When I started Lovely Indeed nine years ago, I wasn’t exactly sure where it would lead or what the journey would look like. But over the years, it has become a community of such incredible, supportive, kind people — and that’s all because of you. I’m so grateful to have this space to share ideas and to spread our version of lovely around the world (literally).

And when we dream up something new, like The Productivity Tool Kit, I’m doubly grateful for your excitement and encouragement. I know we’ve been talking lots about the course, and I’m so appreciative to be able to share it with you. If you are enrolled, I can’t wait to see the way that it starts to change your days. And if you’re not enrolled, thanks for your support as we shouted it from the rooftops!

The Productivity Tool Kit will open again in the future (with new exciting bonuses and a few bells and whistles!), but for now, to thank you ALL, I’m working on a freebie that will help you feel more productive in your everyday life. Stay tuned for that, and have an amazing week! xoxo

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