Last Day to Enroll in The Productivity Tool Kit

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The Productivity Tool Kit


Today’s the day, gang — the last day to grab your spot in The Productivity Tool Kit. But hold that thought about today.

Instead, let’s talk about you, a few weeks after you enroll, and what those days would look like.

They look like you, waking up with a clear head and clear heart about what you’d like to accomplish that day.

They look like the people around you, understanding and honoring the space and time that you need to accomplish your goals.

They look like a whole slew of specific, actionable tools at your disposal and in your arsenal of productivity-boosting moves.

And they look like you at the end of the day, present, peaceful, and proud of what you got done.

Can you picture it? If it seems like a total impossibility, give The Productivity Tool Kit a chance to prove you wrong. I promise, you’re worth taking the chance on. Giving up the possibility of having those kind of days is too big a price to pay.

I have LOVED the process of writing and launching our first course, and I am loving seeing the way that it’s helping people. It’s an honor to be invited into your lives this way, so thank you! And let’s rock this out, together. Enrollment closes at 9pm PST tonight, so go for it, friend.  xoxo


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