Fall Accessories on Our Wishlist


Fall style accessory ideas

Is it possible to have a favorite season because of the fashion? I just love fall style. I love the boots, I love the coats, I love the scarves, I love it all! And believe it or not, I even love the toned down colors and the neutrals that are a little less “kapow” and a little more cozy. This fall, I’m feeling a shift in my style toward lots of jewel tones, textured fabrics, and using pattern instead of color to add a little pop. How does that sound?

I went down an internet window shopping rabbit hole looking for a few fall things that I needed, and thought I’d share my favorite finds here in case you’re updating your wardrobe for fall too. Here are a few things I’ll be on the hunt for.

Fall style accessory ideas

I don’t know what it is, but my love of simple gold jewelry reaches an all-time high in the fall. A simple banded gold ring or some gold and tortoise earrings feel so luxe but totally understated, and I love that. (I’m particularly into the idea of an initial signet ring worn on your pinky. Doesn’t that seem so cool?) I also feel like when the weather cools off, I don’t want bulky jewelry getting tangled in scarves or turtlenecks, so the simple pieces definitely have my heart in the fall.

I’ve also sworn that this is the year that I’ll finally learn how to wear all of those vintage bandanas that have been sitting in my closet forever! I raided my mom’s stash but I’ve never quite figured out how to pull them off. So my time is finally coming. 😉 I think they’d look particularly cool with some oversized tortoise sunnies.

In hat news, I actually bought a beret on a mega clearance sale and I’m pretty pumped about it (I wore it when we took photos for our Christmas card the other day!). I’m usually a beanie girl (love the pompom on this one), but I think berets are a fun way to switch it up for fall.

You know I love me some d’orsay flats, and these mustard d’orsay heels are just as good! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of ankle boots for a few years now and I feel like I’m closing in on them. I love the pop of pattern on the backs of these. How do you feel about it? And are you into the chunky heel that is everywhere right now?  Also, can we just get a quick round of applause for this leather tote in the most perfect shade of mustard? I mean, come on.

So what’s on your fall wish list? It’s been in the high 70’s around here, which for us Californians is downright crisp. (Ha!) But I’m really excited for the weather to dip down a little more so we can start talking scarves and jackets. Then I get really excited! xoxo

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