September Intention Blueprint

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The September Intention Blueprint is all about focusing on just one thing. What will your one thing be? Scroll down to get your free journaling worksheet for September.

september intention blueprint

When I get overwhelmed (which, for many of us, is often these days!) I have a trick I use that gets me out from under that feeling. I choose just one thing on which to focus. One goal or one idea.

And because heading into the final few months of the year can feel really overwhelming, that’s what the September Intention Blueprint is all about. Your one thing.

And the beauty of it is that there’s no wrong one thing! It can be a project, a goal, a dream, an idea, or even just something as simple as slowing down. So the prompts in the September Intention Blueprint are designed to help you explore your one thing and intentionally find some ways to start working toward it this month.

september intention blueprint


If you’re not yet familiar with Lovely Indeed’s Intention Blueprints, here’s the deal. I was seeking and dreaming of ways that I can serve you which are tangible, actionable, and that will actually help create forward momentum for you.

I know that’s a bit tricky in this world, because we’re separated by a computer screen and probably hundreds (thousands?) of miles. But. I came up with this idea, to connect us and to create space for you to grow in your own ways.

At the start of each month, I share a (totally free!) worksheet here for you to help guide your thoughts and create an Intention Blueprint for the following 30 days. Every month there’s a new set of thoughts, ideas, and prompts to help you craft your own roadmap. And the purpose? To help you feel positive, create a life you love, live your days with intention, and reach your own goals.

I look at these Blueprints as a way to feel as refreshed and bright-eyed on each new month as you do on January 1.

Have you been joining us? You can find all of our past Intention Blueprints here. And you can download September below!

Download the September Intention Blueprint

Here’s what to do next. After I send you the September Intention Blueprint, download and print it. Find some time where you can be comfortable and quiet, and go through the worksheet. If you plan on completing the Intention Blueprint every month, I suggest you get a binder or a folder to keep all of your worksheets together. You can look back at your progress and reference past month’s Blueprints to see how your year is feeling.

We also have another treat for you – an illustrated version created by Megan Roy, which you can share on Instagram or download for your wallpaper. We love her artwork! If you share, tag #LovelyIndeedBlueprint so we can see ya!

September Intention Blueprint

As a quick side note, if you are in our digital course The Productivity Tool Kit (or are planning to enroll), these Blueprints are an amazing way to continue and enhance the work that we do over there.

This particular Blueprint is such a crucial one for me, and I hope you find that it centers you too! Whenever I find myself overwhelmed or trying to juggle too many things, it helps immensely to come back to my one thing and find intentional ways to work toward it. Let me know your thoughts on the September Intention Blueprint as you’re working on it! xoxo

september intention blueprint

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